Video: Game of Moans…

A Belfast parody of Game of Thrones by The Notorious Barrick Boys


  • Ben De Hellenbacque

    What no Nolan to um … referee this?

  • Chris Jones

    Not realistic. Not enough blood

  • Sir Rantsalot

    Yeah quite funny. Doing the rounds on FB today. Some new comedians behind it? A welcome break from the out of date sectarian / troubles stand ups.

  • Jane2

    Hah! My first thought was it sounded like a Nolan segment.

  • the rich get richer

    That was sectarian/troubles stuff with a twist. I hope that some comedians can do better than this. Its actually lazy and Safe stuff.

    I was at a play in Galway a few years a go at this supposedly well thought of play(something man of Inisturk or something ? ? ? )

    There was some dig at the English thrown in for a cheap laugh. Lazy not necessary and only showed up that the play was poor to need this unnecessary spiel thrown in)

    I actually fell asleep during the play.Admittedly I was tired but nonetheless ! ! !

  • Chris Jones

    Jamie Lannister was only out for a pint of milk and 10 fegs for his Ma when he met his Sister. Its all a set up.

    I smell collusion. Can we have a public inquiry?

    Free the Barrick 2!!!!!!

  • Niall Chapman

    They’ve outdone themselves with that video

  • Kevin Breslin

    Not a Thronian (or whatever they are called) but there are other families. Who would they be?

    Are the English Baratheons and the Southern Irish Targaryen?