LIVE from 9.15: #SluggerTalks to Shane O’Donnell of “Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol”

YouTube video

This video will go live at 9.15. For those of you who will have already watched Shane’s introductory video you will know he’s no professional politician, and his pitch is far from conventional. Indeed, he only recently joined CISTA.

The reaction on Slugger (which I should say is not necessarily representative of wider opinion) has been pretty positive. But what would really help us in the conversation is for you to give us some hard and challenging questions for Shane this morning.

You should be able to do that either by commenting below, or if you have a Google Plus account (it should also work for YouTube and Gmail account holders) you ought to be able to lodge questions through the Q&A app via the YouTube window above.

The conversation will last half an hour and will only be as interesting as the questions allow. So do get involved by pitching in your ideas!!