Photo of the day – (LEGO) men at work


I visited Durham Cathedral yesterday. While the Cathedral is very grand and imposing, I was more interested in the LEGO recreation they are building. They are building a model of the Cathedral in LEGO as a fundraiser. You buy a LEGO brick for £1 and you can even add it yourself. The model will be composed of 350,000 bricks. Even more fascinating is they had to hire special LEGO modellers to create the plans, Bright Bricks is the company. Bright Bricks send the volunteers extremely detailed instructions on where to place every brick. The instructions look like the type of thing you get with your Ikea flatpack. Bright Bricks also created the model of the Titanic Visitor Centre.



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  • terence patrick hewett

    As a child brought up on Meccano I have always viewed Lego with a jaundiced eye. Durham Cathedral, after the Battle of Dunbar, hosted thousands of prisoners of war and nearly 2000 souls died as a result of maltreatment in the church itself. The great cathedrals themselves were built as a demonstration for the subjugated English of the power and superior technology of the Norman. Here we are and here we stay. And also for the greater glory of God of course.

    I remember when first moving to Wales and going for the first time over the fields to my local pub, on reaching the brow of a hill, seeing the Roman road to Chepstow: straight as a die going over hills and all obstacles. It must have been a terrifying demonstration of the capabilities of Rome. But Rome is long gone and the Welsh are still there. Technology is powerful but culture and people are stronger.