“I want to swim with the dolphins in Donegal someday…”

Great metaphor from Pól Ó Muirí: “speaking a language is like swimming – you might need assistance and a little water helps…”

“And you would want to swim…?”
“Every day! I want to swim every day! I like swimming. It’s fun and good for your health.”
“Every day! I don’t know that the other members would be too happy with that. I don’t think we could fill the pool every day. How about once or twice a year? Maybe on special occasions? We could get a few buckets of water in there now and again. You could go for a paddle. That would be nice, wouldn’t it, a paddle? Everyone likes a paddle. In fact, I bet the members who don’t like to swim could be persuaded to go for a paddle too. It will be great. We will all paddle together.”
“I don’t want to go for a paddle. I want a proper swim. I want to be able to go from one end of the pool to the next without my feet touching the ground. Put some water in the pool! I like swimming. It’s fun. It takes me out of myself. I like to float and splash and dive. I want to swim with the dolphins in Donegal someday.”

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