B&A Poll: Dissatisfaction with politicians is the most distinctive factor in Irish politics…

Looking like that bounce back for Fine Gael, was an outlier

Fine Gael has dropped one point to 26%, compared to 29% support for Fianna Fáil, a rise of two points. Labour’s support has fallen three points to 8% – while Sinn Féin has risen two points to 19% since the last poll in May. Support for independents and others has risen by one point to 19%. A high level of those polled are undecided, accounting for 34%.

None of the moves are outside the margin of error, but it would indicate that last week’s is in the uncertain category… Undecided is by far the largest category, and dissatisfaction is at a high rating for all political leaders from government to opposition:

Dissatisfaction with Enda Kenny’s leadership is 64% according to the poll with 25% happy with his performance.
72% are unhappy with Eamon Gilmore’s leadership of the Labour Party, with only 16% of those polled saying he should remain as party leader.
Support for Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has dropped further, with 56% dissatisfied with his party leadership, compared to 47% in early May.
His satisfaction rating of 30% is the highest of the four main party leaders.
Dissatisfaction with Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams has risen by one point to 57% – with 24% of those polled happy with his leadership.

Adrian Kavanagh’s seat estimates are mostly for amusement (since they tend to fluctuate wildly with the polls), but they’re worth looking at from time to time, just to see what the current mood could replicate in politics in the longer term:

So 29% in B&A this week, 22% in Red C last week. That’s a change/discrepancy of some 7 points.

John Drennan notes the most alarming thing about the poll from a government point of view

…the stark levels of dissatisfaction with this administration – Mr Kenny has a dissatisfaction rating of 64pc, while the Government’s dissatisfaction rating is 75pc.