“À la Bastille!” Again!

Once again, with apologies to Pierre Ranger[It’s a tradition, we know… – Ed]  Indeed!  Play La Marseillaise!

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  • andnowwhat


  • ‘Once again’ video from 2010 has, er, been removed by the user 😉

  • Mister_Joe

    Plays for me.
    That rousing tune always makes me feel good.

  • ptolemyforbesbrown

    A trifle ironic that La Marseillaise, that stirring song of freedom, is being sung in French-occupied Morocco.

    The tune always reminds me of a Canadian cousin. Every Canada Day he woould fly the Maple Leaf. A French-Canadian neighbour would play La Marseillaise every hour on the hour during the day in response.

    If only they had both lived in North Belfast they could have taken their little contretemps to a whole different level.

  • Greenflag

    And the ‘new tradition’ of amity between the East Franks (formerly Germans ) and the West Franks (formerly French) is celebrated anew by the Merkel /Hollande duo.

    An earlier version of growing pan europeanism would have been this one with some Argentinian overtones . Vive la France Republique 😉