On Bastille Day..

Vive la France!

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  • Nevin
  • Cruimh

    Pete – I’m with Monty python on this one

  • I know this is not directly relevant…but we saw this last week:

    thoroughly enjoyed it, but remember to bring your tissues…great film, almost as good as La Haine…
    Vive la France!

  • bpower

    Take that you Nazi scum 🙂

  • Pete Baker


    More relevant than most of the general comments ;o)

    Vive la France, indeed.

  • RG Cuan

    Important day indeed.

    It’s a pity though the French Republic treats their minorities like second class citizens and their languages like they don’t exist!

  • merrie

    Le Tour de France swept down through SE England last week with its caravane and support vehicles far outnumbering the bicycles. Enjoyable, vivid time and quite French.

    I don’t think so much French has been spoken there since 1066.

  • The World’s Gone Mad

    merrie – I don’t know how much French was spoken, but there was a day not so long ago in London when 70,000 (give or take the odd stunned kiwi) were French for the day…


    ..and a grand day it was.

  • Garibaldy

    P O’Neil,

    Nice to see someone still reads the Abbé Barruel. And the revolutionaries were called Jacobins, not Jacobites.

  • JG

    French was the court language up to the time of the Tudors so quite a bit of french has been spoken in SE England since 1066.

  • Thomas L.

    As Sarkozy invited all the Members of the European Union to participate in the military parade, I wonder if it was the first time that Irish Defence Forces paraded on the Champs Elysées.

  • Hector

    “Ben Franklin was a British agent – that fact has even been admitted on the History Channel, his codemane was ‘Moses’”….

    It is well known that the History Channel has been itself infiltrated by the Conspiracy. Is nothing sacred? However, at least you have given us a new concept – the codemane. Coiffure in the service of secret communications.

  • me

    “It’s a pity though the French Republic treats their minorities like second class citizens and their languages like they don’t exist!”true but sarkozy illjudged “scum” comments aside he seems to be a genuine reformer in this area.he has appointed an arab woman to the powerful justice ministry,a black woman as minister for human rights and another woman as finance minister.a third of the cabinet are now women

  • Rory

    All political progress everywhere, all freedom achieved in the last 200 years can be said to have been as a result of the French Revolution. And that, ironically, even includes the liberation struggles of the former French colonies which were inspired by its ideals

    So let all of mankind call out together in celebration, “Vive la Republique!”

  • RG Cuan

    Good to hear there are more women with Ministerial positions Me but i was thinking of the Breton, Basque, Occitan and German speaking people who live in the French state – to the government they don’t exist because “everybody is French” and “the only language of the Republic is French”.

  • merrie

    TWIW: that link is to a rugby match…

    Is that what you meant?

  • The World’s Gone Mad

    merrie – mais oui! The greatest rugby match in World Cup history – when a part of SE England became Toulouse, or Brive, or Biarittz for the day and the French did what only the French can do, with their typical joie de vivre. After a completely indifferent year, they blew away the World Cup favourites with a gallic shrug, a puff of a gauloise, and they probably slept with Jonah Lomu’s missus for good measure.

    Now that was Vive Le France! Even better, I watched it with some New Zealanders who just couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

  • Viva La Corsica

    Viva la Corsica.

    Francia de merda!

  • Harry Flashman

    **All political progress everywhere, all freedom achieved in the last 200 years can be said to have been as a result of the French Revolution.**

    I’m sorry I arrived late to this thread because that statement is absolute balderdash, now if you had said ‘all political terrorism everywhere, all mass murder in the name of “liberation” from the Soviet Union to Kampuchea through China and Cuba in the last 200 years can be said to be as a result of the French Revolution’ you might be closer to the mark.

    Last time I checked the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand had progressive, peaceful, stable, democratic societies and their evolution owed diddly squat to red terrorists slaughtering their political opponents in the streets or massed legions of imperial troops rampaging, murdering, looting and raping their way through Europe at the whim of a demogogue.

  • Turgon

    P O’Neill,
    “BTW, all Revolutions over the last 200 plus years were inspired by the AMERICAN Revolution and their ideals of an ‘enlightened’ democracy.”

    Just on a point of history. I am a little dubious about whether or not the October revolution in Russia was inspired by American democratic principles. Possibly the initial revolution, not Lenin’s later one. Also Mao, Pol Pot, the Viet Cong, need I go on.

  • Harry Flashman


    The initial post to which I referred did not limit itself to Europe but claimed that the French Revolution brought progressive freedom to the entire world (at least that’s my interpretation of “everyhwere”). I agree with you that the greatest influence on world freedom and progress was the American revolution which had nothing to do with the French Revolution and everything to do with British political ideas.

    Contrary to the idea that the “the English” somehow forced their ideas on Scotland in actual fact the Scots fought a civil war among themselves in order that they might be part of the British constitutional monarchy and were very happy with the outcome for almost three centuries.