Civil Rights hero receives a belated honour…

Nice turn of phrase from former Tory MP Matthew Parris in The Times today…

Struggles produce heroes whose names fade after their cause prevails, but Mr [Jeffrey] Dudgeon’s should never be forgotten: the Beflast shipping clerk who – because homosexuality remained a criminal offence in Northern Ireland – took the UK Government to the European Court of Human Rights (boo!) and won (hooray!).

Westminster changed the law two decades ago and in the last New Years honours Mr Dudgeon was appointed MBE. Speaking at his celebration dinner he described being presented to Princess Anne at the investiture at Buckingham Palace. The question assumed a deeper meaning than she knew: “Have you come a long way?”

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  • The Raven

    A genuinely touching story – and makes for much more pleasant reading that Envelope-gate. :-/

  • PaulT

    a brave man, fair play to him for his courage and conviction, thought I recognised the name, remember him running for the seanad, but didn’t know the background, seems a pleasant bloke

    interesting interview

  • seamus60

    Guttsy man, considering attitudes back then.