Irish DPP to consider Garland case

Having dismissed, in December last year, the US application for the extradition of former Irish Workers’ Party president, Seán Garland, in the long-running saga of the counterfeit ‘super-dollars’, Dublin High Court has now referred the case to the Director of Public Prosecutions to examine whether he should be charged in Ireland.  From the BBC report

Giving his reasons on Friday, Mr Justice John Edwards decided that the offence for which Mr Garland was wanted in America is regarded as having been committed in Ireland and therefore the court is prohibited from extraditing him.

The report is more specific

…in a lengthy written judgment issued today, the court explained that the 76-year-old should not be surrendered abroad for an alleged offence committed in Ireland.

Mr Justice John Edwards says the Irish courts are entitled to assert jurisdiction in respect of an alleged conspiracy formed in Ireland.

The delayed ruling should be available here at some point.  In the meantime, as the Irish Times notes

Mr Justice John Edwards, who ruled in December the extradition application would be refused, announced today that the deeds to Mr Garland’s house would be released along with his passport and cash bail of €75,000.