Dublin High Court dismisses Garland US extradition application

As Garibaldy notes, Dublin High Court has dismissed the US application for the extradition of former Irish Workers’ Party president, Sean Garland, in the long-running saga of the counterfeit ‘super-dollars’.  From the Irish Times report

Authorities in America had sought the extradition of Mr Garland (76), of Beldonstown, Brownstown, Navan, Co Meath, to face charges relating to the production of high-quality counterfeit US dollars.

The operation was allegedly carried out with the collusion of the government of North Korea.

In a brief hearing this morning, Mr Justice John Edwards said that the court was not disposed to grant the application and will furnish its reasons for doing so on January 13th next.

[Well, they are under new management… – Ed]  Are they…

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  • sherdy

    Well, Obama needs a few billion good quality dollars printed as soon as possible. Sean could be the answer to his prayers.

  • Henry94

    A mixed week for the Workers Party. They loose their esteemed comrade in North Korea but at least they get to keep Garland.

  • Harry Flashman

    Good point Sherdy, at least the dollar bills Garland, allegedly, produced might actually have been worth something, unlike the ones Ben Bernanke’s been running off.