Conor Maskey: “regardless of what the incident may or may not be…”

short BBC report notes that one man has been arrested and a vehicle seized after a shot was fired at a man in the New Lodge area of north Belfast this morning.  From the BBC report

Detective Chief Inspector Alan Little said the attack was “an extremely reckless act in a heavily populated area”.

He added: “We are investigating a number of lines of enquiry and I am keen to hear from anyone who was near the Antrim Road/Stratheden Street area this morning and who may be able to assist.”

But why does Sinn Féin’s Conor Maskey sound almost apologetic in his condemnation of the attack in “an area where some very good work was being done to try and stop anti-social behaviour, low level crime”,  in this UTV report?

Sinn Féin councillor Conor Maskey said he had “no idea whatsoever” why the shots were fired.

“I’m hearing locally that possibly two men approached another person and then whatever ensued from there, at least one shot has been fired.

“It’s obvious to condemn the use of any weapon, but specifically the firing of a gun, regardless of what the incident may or may not be, and that’s still to be made clear.”

[Was this attack “a little bit interesting”, too? – Ed]  Possibly…