POTD – Caption comp

Yes it’s a pram full of bananas but lets be having your captions/titles.

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  • Bringing granda in for one last job and giving him responsibility for the bandanas and the getaway tram was the first of our mistakes..

  • oracle

    Banks pay protection money to urban guerrillas

  • Lagans

    *in song*
    “Yes, we have no effective regulatory oversight system”

  • Delta Omega

    It’s obvious that there is still on-going monkey business in the banking sector

  • Langdale

    Could this explain why it’s impossible to get fyffers out of ATMs anymore?


  • Neil

    Bankers bonuses less than expected this year.

  • bigtoole

    BREAKING NEWS: Banana man halts £26.5m bank robbery.

  • DT123

    After being thrown out of the Euro,the Bank of Ireland receives its first delivery of the new currency.

  • JR

    “We lost €5,000,000 for each banana in the pram this year”

  • Can’t possibly outdo articles’ caption. Brilliant.

  • Nunoftheabove

    What a loada baNAMAs that is.

  • Limerick

    Unionist Fury as Bank is revealed to be supplying food for Sinn Fein Ard Fheis.

  • Nunoftheabove

    Bananapram, a.

  • pauluk

    It’s too obvious: Banana Republic!

  • carl marks

    cant think of anything better than what has been said already, Love the pic.

  • tinman

    No idea what the caption is, but they obviously know something we don’t. BUY BANANAS!