POTD – Who will you vote for?

Culture Night on the 23rd Sept is having a bit of fun and holding an election for the role of ‘Mayor of the Cathedral Quarter’. The candidates are Terri Hooley, Kathy Young and Martin Lynch. Whilst Terri and Martin would have a media presence, Kathy is an unsung heroine of the Cathedral Quarter. She has been working tirelessly behind the scenes as one of the key members of staff of the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, the Out to Lunch Festival and the Black Box. You can vote here on facebook. Press Release

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  • keano10

    No harm to Terri Hooley, but his ego is big enough without winning this. He’s also a bit hypocritical at times.

  • pippakin

    My votes for Kathy Young, mind you women working tirelessly in the background is nothing new…

  • Kevin Barry

    KY gets my vote as she would never forgive me otherwise, that and she’s good craic

  • wild turkey


    Be honest now…

    uh, did you photoshop the face of WC Fields onto Hooley?