POTD – A warning

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  • Mark

    How embarrassing . Imagine what goes through the mind of any visitor / tourist after reading that . They may as well stick a poster up asking that Passangers please refrain from wiping their arses while the Luas is between stations .

    They have these private security firms on the Dart to stop the toerags from harassing customers .Mainly Eastern Europeans who look the part ( dark uniform , baton etc ) who have the authority to hold you until the police arrive or just throw you off the Dart obviously not while it’s moving although from the look of some of the security boys ….

  • pippakin

    Its hard to believe that happens. So scatological! I think that for such crimes they should bring back the stocks…

  • Kevin

    There are similar posters inside buses in San Francisco.

  • CharlieMcCarthy29

    Spitting at a person is one of the most disgusting things to do unless you are a caged animal in a zoo. It’s grossly disrespectful and spreads disease too, especially meningitis.