POTD – Titanic signature project building

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  • keano10

    Even now there is hardly a shop in the city centre selling any sort of Titanic souvenirs so this whole project is long overdue. I cant wait to visit it myself. We are still under prepared for tourist demands but we are slowly getting there.

  • It’s great. The city’s waterways are littered with gorgeously constructed buildings and modern architecture that brings Belfast into the modern spotlight. Some are arguing the structure detracts from the H&W Cranes but the majority of tourists don’t care for them. This centre will at least bring them closer to the entire docks experience, of which a lot of their ancestry may have departed!

  • CharlieMcCarthy29

    It’s hard to understand the scale of this thing but it looks wonderful.

  • ForkHandles

    There is nothing for a tourist to see here! I have no idea what is going through the minds of people who think this is a good idea, they probably have not been a tourist in one of the main European city destinations. Nobody visits Paris and wants to see a modern art construction that is a bit pointy and resembles the pointiness of the Eiffel tower. Nobody visits London and wants to see a modern art construction that looks a bit similar to Tower Bridge. Tourists want to see the real thing; they want to see the real history. In Belfast they will want to see the Titanic and as much of the real places, machinery and anything else associated with its construction that is possible to see.
    They should have built a reconstruction of the Titanic. Not a real one, just the same size and a few internal rooms and a deck to walk about on and take pictures. It wouldn’t have been that hard to do. Im sure there would be some company in Belfast with the skills and ability to build a reconstruction of a ship!
    The current effort of making a pointy wall and expecting tourists to think it is worth coming to see just shows the stupidity of the ‘people in charge of NI’. It shows the dullness and lack of any imagination of the people we are stuck with to run the country. I bet they didn’t do any research on what tourists were interested in seeing regarding the Titanic, I bet they listened to some developer or architect who told them this ‘signature project’ would be great.

  • Belfast_Citizen

    Another ‘modern’ building which looks awful and will consist mostly of empty space. Amazing indeed. From the outside there is nothing ‘Titantic’ about this ugly eye-sore except it has pointy corners. Why not reconstruct part of the great ship itself and use that to house the exhibition in? Suppose that would be too much like common sense…

  • Nunoftheabove

    I just don’t get the whole Titanic ‘thing’ in Belfast at all – never have done – what achievement is there to celebrate or commemorate exactly ?

    Been past this building too and am entirely unimpessed.

    Schbah schumbug.

  • iluvni

    “They should have built a reconstruction of the Titanic.”

    hear, hear.

  • Nunoftheabove

    Why would they reconstruct it ? As a monument to failure, to incompetence and to tragedy ? What would be fitting or appropriate about that ?

  • pippakin


    Kind of describes the north doesn’t it?

  • lamhdearg

    “why would they reconstruct it” to draw in tourists.