Some more Bonfires/Bonefires/Bonies

Cluan Place/ Junction of Albertbridge Rd. The tarmac has been protected by a layer of sand. It hadn’t been repaired since last years bonefire.
3 days on from my last visit……
Donegal Pass which has no tyres or flags on it (at lunchtime) and also has a beacon. This makes me think that this might be a bonfire site signed up to the Bonfire Management Scheme.
There are countless smaller bonfires across the city

If anyone is in town tomorrow from 12.30 – 4.30 the Festival of Fools have 8 shows on back to back at Cornmarket with some of the finest and funniest street shows around to provide an alternative splash of colour

Edit to add these 2 photos of Pitt Park and Isthmus St