POTD They haven’t gone away you know

a number of these flyers were posted up overnight/early morning today. There are no identifiers on them.

The bottom line reads “Ask your MLA why’s he not spoke out about this or the press”

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  • Nunoftheabove

    “Vote TUV”

  • Reader

    Nunoftheabove: “Vote TUV”
    Surely the local TUV operative is a lot more literate and coherent than the poster boys – whatever his other defects.

  • Cynic2

    Possibly because

    1 the author is an inarticulate moron who insists on advertising that fact by posting up mis-spelled messages in pidgin English

    2 even if the posters were literate, the MLAs most likely to support this view probably cannot actually read a 15 word sentence with some words up to 8 letters long!!

  • Nunoftheabove

    Reader, that’s by no means true of all senior TUV members. One of them that springs immediately to mind would aspire to fluency of this mediocre sort and in essence is very unlikely to take issue with a single sysllable of the sentiment.

  • “easteran” … “sysllable”

    Nun, do you have an alibi? 🙂

  • wild turkey


    poster and the Continental in the background.

    you couldn’t make it up and i couldn’t stop laughing

    okay if i send this off to some old high school buddies in the states?

    one of your best to date