Mr Noonan “refused to engage in a meaningful manner”

With the economy and the state of public finances the focus of the recent Irish general election, despite attempts to pretend otherwise, here’s a report worth wider consideration

Ireland’s Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) has been granted control of the assets of John Noonan, of Tallaght, Co Dublin, who had provided security for the film and music industry through his company Strand Security Services Ltd.  Mr Noonan had declared himself a bankrupt last March and had debts of €4.2 million.

From the Belfast Telegraph report

Mr [Frank Cassidy, the bureau’s legal officer] said in court filings that Mr Noonan admitted during his failed tax appeal that he was a senior member of the republican movement until 2004 and had a bank account under the name of Peter Simpson which was operated for the republican movement.

Tax assessments for the years 1996 to 2005 were raised against Mr Noonan, with debts owed to Cab of some €2.55m.

Another €500,000 is owed to creditors, including Bank of Scotland and Tallaght West Credit Union.

Mr Noonan’s tax debts related to tax from illegal sources or sources unknown to the tax inspector, according to the CAB.

Mr Noonan, who attended the High Court yesterday, appealed his assessments and his challenge was heard by the Appeal Commissioners in July 2008.

During the appeal, Mr Noonan, previously jailed for five years for firearms offences at the Maze Prison, confirmed he operated a bank account for the republican movement.