POTD – Elizabeth Cook (and Tim Carroll)

Yesterday afternoon i was fortunate enough to be amongst the 140+ audience to witness the Irish debut of Elizabeth Cook as part of the Out to Lunch festival. Since 2000 Cook has made 300+ appearances at the Grand Ole Ophrey and yesterdays show was evidence of why she has already made so many appearances and without doubt will make many many more.

Tender, heartfelt, ballsy Americana with more than a little hint of hill billy, she is as she said, “the  quintessential American girl”. Nanci Griffiths who Cook described ” as the wind beneath her wings” has been championing Cook even going as far to say that she is “this generations Loretta Lynn.”

With lines like “i run my hands through his mullet” and the acerbic comment on fellow C&W performers ” I know girls who sing and look good but don’t have a whole lot under the hood” she is not afraid of telling it how it is. Her patter between the songs was equally entertaining and endearing

Truly a wonderful gig and i will make sure that i see her again when she returns, hopefully soon, with the help of the underrated Real Music Club.

Here’s a link to a video of her song Sometimes it takes balls to be a woman