POTD – Short Strand Mural

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  • joeCanuck

    Great pic, great mural.

  • wild turkey


    outstanding pic!

    uh, the first pub i ever went to in belfast (wayback in 79) was called Kelly’s. as i recall it was surrounded by steel mesh and sandbags

    anyway… does anyone know if the pub in mural is kellys?


  • Ceist

    Ummmm…. no the pub is the Strand Bar/The Melting Pot – it’s beside the playground in the Short Strand.

    Think the pub changed hands this time last year and they’ve been doing it up (hence the mural).

    It was a funny wee pub – always had a few stickies in regular attendance.

  • Thanks Joe,WT

    Kellys (Cellars) is off Royal Ave down the side of Primark i’m pretty sure the pub in the photo isn’t Kellys though i may be wrong (again)

  • WT Just remembered that my first pint in Belfast was in Kellys which has since been demolished to make a fecken car park. It was opposite the ferry terminal at the back of Tomb street. It had a cage around it and bloody great pints of Guiness and always a friendly welcome.
    I have a photo somewhere with the owner Tom standing outside beside the cage i’ll see if i can dig it out

  • Jim R

    Tom Kellys bar was called “The Liverpool”. Great spot it was too.

  • john

    Great mural – I dont understabd why they dont do more. Was annoyed that the George Best mural was painted over. Why could they not move onto a new wall. There are plenty of dull walls around the city and the murals really brighten the area up!!

  • Course it was Jim thats me wrong again!
    John i always quite liked that mural as it showed him with a pot belly, it was peeling badly in places so it was either a touch up or something new and it was painted over in mid to late october .
    Change is as good as a rest i suppose

  • Just received the following message from a Short Strand resident who wishes to remain anonymous……

    “The ‘new’ bar on the Mountpottinger Road is called ‘The Strand Bar’, the mural depicted on the side is of an old bar that was located at the top of Anderson St on the junction with the Short Strand itself. That is gone now and in April 1975 was subjected to a UVF gun & bomb attack in which 6 people were killed. The mural itself obviously reflects happier times as well as some local characters who have since passed on.

    There was a Kellys Bar in the Short Strand, it was located on the Short Strand itself at the corner of Thompson St.

  • chewnicked

    Nice mural indeed.
    Wild Turkey, your first visit to a Belfast imbibing emporium appears to have been the Kelly’s Bar in the Strand which was indeed surrounded by wire mesh and sandbags. The place was full of characters and interesting local artefacts(in equal or double?) measure..

  • Mick Fealty

    Somewhere I have a photo of Kelly’s circa 1980 with all the bomb protective fencing and concrete filled oil cans around it. Will see if I can find it.

  • Fearglic

    i was in Kellys cellars last night quite the same as it was 10 years ago. never been in that pub in the Strand. great mural and pic

  • Mainland Ulsterman

    Nice, even if it makes a Belfast pub look like something from Enid Blyton …