Gerry Adams: “I just wanted to vote for myself”

The Sinn Féin spokesman in the Irish Times report plays down Gerry Adams’ failed attempt to be included on the live register for the Louth constituency yesterday, due to a lack of evidence of residency on September 1 – which Mark had previously flagged up as a potential problem – despite a late personal appearance at the revision court by the Sinn Féin president.  The report notes 

Mr Adams was not present in the Louth County Council offices in Dundalk yesterday morning when the decision was taken by the revision court, which considers changes to the draft register.

However, he later met county registrar for Louth Maireád Ahern.

The Belfast Telegraph report has the detail

Mr Adams attended the annual revision court in Dundalk yesterday, where decisions are made about applications from people wishing to be added to the electoral register.

His application listed him as a ‘new constituent’ seeking to be added to the register. He gave his address as Ballymakellett, Ravensdale, a very rural area of north Louth on the Cooley Peninsula about 15 minutes’ drive from Dundalk.

But the Louth returning officer Mairead Ahern heard that a field officer had visited the address three times and not found him there. The field officer said there was no answer when he tried to phone the house but neighbours said Mr Adams was due to move in.

Ms Ahern disallowed the application. However, her decision was challenged by Sinn Fein councillor Thomas Sharkey, who alleged she had been inconsistent.

This was because she had allowed Louth Senator Mark Dearey (Green Party) to change his address from Dundalk town to Omeath. He is already on the register.

Mr Adams arrived into the court, which was held in the chamber of Louth County Council, just before 5pm yesterday. He presented Ms Ahern with a letter which it is believed was a declaration that he is now residing in Louth.

He explained that he understood the final date for making the application was November 25 and he had done so after he declared his intention to stand in the next general election. [added emphasis]

However, Ms Ahern said that in order to be included on the live register he would have had to be a resident of Louth on September 1.

It seems that he can still apply to be included on the supplementary register come February 1, 2011. 

But, presumably, the checks on the address by the field officer were carried out after his application was received…

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  • pinni

    Message received: Stay in ‘The North’ Mr Adams!

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Hardly earth shattering news. Always nice to be able to vote for yourself but not exactly a problem when there are thousands willing to vote for you…….our Minister of Education cant actually vote for herself. She lives in County Louth I believe and I suspect will vote for Mr Adams.
    Likewise Pat Doherty is hardly worried… 18,000 vote for him.
    Reg Empey couldnt vote for himself.
    Nor Rev Willie McCrea.
    Or several Alliance politicians west of the Bann.
    Nor Ferghal McKinney.

    All five main parties in fact. Of course I take the point that Mr Adams will be kicking himself if he loses the Louth seat by two votes. (I am assuming Colette will vote for her hubby).
    Yet I suspect Mr Adams will have more than two votes to spare.
    So a good news story in the end for him.

  • The Word


    There is still a question of honesty for we all know he doesn’t actually live in county Louth.

  • 2 frys 2 teas

    still a bit embarassing for the bearded one all the same… troopsing away down there lol…..

    minds me of taxing the car…

    you are number 54 in the queue and you eventually get to the desk and you’ve forgot your insurance certificate… doh!

  • joeCanuck

    Real smart guy that gerry adams and he never tells a lie. Yep, I’ll vote for him.
    Anyone got the e-Mail address of SF’s Louth electoral roll reviewer and part time obituary watcher ?

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    The Word,
    I dont think that Mr Adams core voters have ever agonised about his honesty.

  • pippakin

    Rules is rules. He must have known they would likely check his address. It has been alleged that some republican groups used to play all sorts of silly buggers with the electoral register It may be the county registrar felt that the best move would be to make sure it was all done according to the letter of the law. No doubt the would be representative totally agrees with her.

  • Greenflag

    He’ll not need the vote . He will probably top the poll or be very close and won’t need any transfers either . While I’m sure that the Louth Registrar followed the letter of the law with regard to Mr Adam’s vote -they did’nt really need to provide Mr Adam’s with more publicity -did they ?

    Even when he loses the SF leader wins .

  • another

    Ravensdale…how interesting. No Muirhevna Mor nor Fatima Park for Gerry. Still some interesting neighbours for him out there; like a fell known property barons and one or two well known Republican faces, who might not be too happy having Gerry as a neighbour.

    Jasus, the place has gone to the dogs ….

  • pippakin


    I don’t think that this time it has much to do with the history of SF or the troubles. It may be that this time people are thinking of the prospective budget and the possibility of the gombeen b*****ds getting their hands on power again.

    I’m thinking of what might be the best party to vote for from a tactical not necessarily ideological perspective and I suspect others are too.

  • Mick Fealty

    I *think* he (and anyone else not on the main register, but currently resident in the state) are entitled to get on the supplementary register for the first ten days of the election campaign.

  • pippakin

    Mick Fealty

    I’m ‘sure’ you are right. You will have done your homework.

  • To coin a phrase, “A fool and his vote are easily parted” 🙂

  • pippakin


    Or in some cases just ‘borrowed’ 🙂

  • DC

    Given the September deadline and him missing the cut off point, the short notice of Adams’ intentions to stand in Louth seems to throw up into the light a lack of any proper long term strategy; perhaps it shows up Adams’ more opportunistic side than a form of politics thought through?

    At least I think there will be some propaganda in this for his and SF opponents.

  • Greenflag

    Pippakin ,

    Adams will attract the ‘Doherty ‘ vote in Louth . It is opportunistic for SF . Shure is’nt Dundalk about 35 minutes from Belfast anyway . As to what party to vote for ? The only thing I’m certain of is it won’t be FF not even if they got Jesus Christ to stand on the ticket . So far I’ve been given no good reason by the alternative government in waiting FG/Labour as to why they should get my vote -they appear to be rubber stampers for the IMF/ECB/FF/GP stitch up .
    I may ‘lend ‘ SF my vote this time in the hope that at every question time one or other or all of them will continually remind the government of Martin Wolf’s quote in the FT today .

    “The Irish banking system is worse than too big to fail; it is too big to save. The first duty of the state is to save itself, not to load its taxpayers with obligations to rescue careless lenders…The Irish state should have saved itself by drastic restructuring of bank liabilities. Bank debt simply cannot be public debt. If bank debt is to be such debt, bankers should be viewed as civil servants and banks as government departments.”

    Jeremy Paxton in his Brian Lenihan interview accused the Irish Government of gross incompetence in the matter of the bank deposits absolute guarantee . Merrill Lynch would concur after all the Wall St gougers managed to extract 7.5 million euros from the Government for untaken advisorial services rendered 🙁

    Have to agree with Paxman painful as it is ;(

  • Mick Fealty


    Yes, but it will work for them. So, I for one say, fair play to Mr Adams. He saw the Doherty surge building, and jumped on the wave. That’s smart politics.

  • joeCanuck

    Mark McGregor,

    Artists tax exemption: There are a few conditions:

    Note: empowers the Revenue Commissioners to make a determination that certain artistic works are original and creative works generally recognised as having cultural or artistic merit
    Does “creative” mean “made up”? If so, he might qualify but..
    must be resident, or ordinarily resident and domiciled, in the State and not resident elsewhere. So there goes the “home” on the Falls.
    As regards the back catalogue: Earnings derived from such works are exempt from income tax from the year in which the claim was made. How many of his older fairy tales are still being sold?

  • DC

    Not so much the man for the moment, but more the moment for the man?

  • Greenflag

    Here’s a girls’s best friend in planetary form and the answer to Ireland’s economic woes . Pete must have missed it;).,8599,2035754,00.html?hpt=T2

    Nice quip that DC above -it has that ring of truth . Reminds me of Mahaffy’s Law.

    ‘In Ireland the inevitable never happens and the unexpected constantly occurs.’

    And Greenflag’s political addendum to Mahaffy

    ‘In Ireland the unexpected never happens and the inevitable constantly occurs.’

  • The Word


    “I dont think that Mr Adams core voters have ever agonised about his honesty.”

    I think the assumption is that he’s always telling the truth and that others are lying rather than a complete disregard for the truth. His predecessor in Louth was particularly careful about the truth in regard to when he did or did not know about the wayward brother. He certainly felt that the truth mattered, or was made to feel that the truth mattered. Same for Gerry Adams.

  • pippakin


    Yes, it goes against the grain to agree with anything Paxman says but his remark does have the ring of truth about it as does the FT.

    Shinner supporters are right. This is the first time for years that people are considering them at all let alone seriously. SF have been against saving the banks almost from the beginning and I can’t understand why Labour have not.

    Btw Doherty did well again today reminding the ‘honourable gentlemen’ how much they had earned in a morning.

  • Greenflag

    ‘ I can’t understand why Labour have not.’

    Because if they did FG might coalesce with the rump of FF post the election stating that the ‘ policy differences’ with the Labour Party were insurmountable and it was in the Country’s interest blah blah blah to stick with the IMF/ECB/WALL ST/Frankfurt/Paris/London directive 🙁

    Did not see Doherty giving a reminder but we need more of that sort of thing in the Dail -they have all been too remote from the lives of ordinary people for too long . That big tent at the Galway Races was not for FF voters .

  • pippakin


    It was just on the Nine Oclock News. He reminded two junior ministers that in the two hours they had been in the House they had earned more than minimum wage earners earn in a full week.

    If Labour are so hungry for power they sell out their principles then they deserve to and will lose votes.

  • Greenflag

    pippakin ,

    ‘He reminded two junior ministers that in the two hours they had been in the House they had earned more than minimum wage earners earn in a full week.’

    That’s not too bad then 😉 A couple of months ago I read of a Wall St Hedge Fund manager who earned more in a year that 80,000 New York Public School teachers do in not 1 but 3 years . Probably pays less tax too 🙁

    The closer they get to power the more elastic principles become and in this respect I would not hold outthe Irish Labour Party to be an exception to the general rule . We have seen the Lib Dems do an about turn why would Irish Labour be any different ?

    BTW given time they all succumb to the Mammon God once in power . And I’m not naive enough to believe that somehow SF would longer term be any different 🙁

    As a country we need a whole new ethic for political and civic morality with new accepted standards for those in politics , the civil service , churches and business organisations with regard to ‘corruption’ The nod and the wink and the tent and the brown envelope and RC silence of the deaf and lack of transparency have got to go . But I don’t see any political party treading that road other than ‘unbelievably ‘ SF who are as we know not squeaky clean either . We are coming to a political crossroads but we are also as a nation at a moral crossroads at least in terms of our political , religious and business and financial standards of what is acceptable as ethical behaviour !

  • pippakin


    I agree, especially about the LibDems but to me it always seems worse when the party succumbing to the wiles of power are supposed to be and call themselves socialist. I don’t expect SF to be any different, why should they, they show no sign of socialism in the north.

  • George

    I *think* he (and anyone else not on the main register, but currently resident in the state) are entitled to get on the supplementary register for the first ten days of the election campaign.

    I *think* it’s any time from when the election is called up until 14 days before the election itself.

  • Alias

    You still have to be “ordinarily resident” at the address to get onto the SR, and Gerry’s problem is that he isn’t (the inspector called thrice).

  • Nunoftheabove

    The Electoral Officer Always Rings Thrice ?

  • joeCanuck

    An excess of caution perhaps. Eels can be very slippery. But, if Gerry says he lives there, then he lives there. Everyone knows he would never tell a lie. Honest. A finer more upstanding about to be citizen never lived.

  • pippakin

    He appears to be unused to having to worry about the little things, like obeying electoral laws and actually living where he says he lives.

  • Greenflag

    pippakin ,

    ‘but to me it always seems worse when the party succumbing to the wiles of power are supposed to be and call themselves socialist. ‘

    At the risk of provoking Godwin’s -Hitler’s party was called the National Socialist Workers Party . Did’nt stop Hitler from forming an alliance of convenience with the Army , the SS and the wealthy industrialists to wipe out the Brownshirts in the night of the long knives ‘

    Our only defence is transparent ‘democracy’ and as we see there are many parties on this island and institutions throughout the world who are not keen on ‘transparency ‘ from the RC Church to the Banks to the Corporate multi nationals and the Oil industry etc etc

    Our ‘political parties ‘ -all of them both in Ireland and Britain are to greater or lesser degrees less than transparent as anybody will tell you that what a TD or MP says in the street is not how he or she votes in the Dail/Assembly/Westminster/ Congress etc etc . Of course they can all explain why that’s the only way the world of politics can be made to work even half efficiently .

    As JC says above ‘they never tell a lie ‘ Neither did George Washington , Menachim Begin, De Valera , Winston Churchill , etc etc . It’s just that the last part of their ‘truth’ doesn’t hold up to scrutiny with the first part of their truth 😉 .

  • Greenflag

    error above last sentence should read

    ‘doesn’t ALWAYS hold up to scrutiny with the first part of their truth ‘

  • fordprefect

    The Revision court, hmmmmm, if anybody knows about revision and revisionism, there’s none better than the bold gerry himself! By the way if anyone here thinks SF would be any different from the present lot, they’re living in cloud cuckoo land.

  • Jimmy Sands

    Just a fifteen minute drive to the beach.

    That’s nice.

  • Comrade Stalin

    In a nutshell this sums up how the game changes for Gerry when he crosses the border.

    Had this happened anywhere in NI, SF would all be out banging their binlids and ranting about how the British imperialist electoral office were denying nationalists their democratic rights. Perhaps a black taxi would have shown up at the office with Gerry handing a letter of protest to the doormen. Later that night there would have been rioting, cars hijacked and buses burnt out.

    Thankfully things have moved on.

  • HeinzGuderian

    Has Gerry ever been to the beach there,with a shovel or spade ?? Who knows,or even cares……..certainly not Shinner voters…………..:-(

  • MichaelMac

    Dermot Ahern’s sister in law is certainly showing due diligence in this case.

  • Tweedybird

    Comrade Stalin :
    Well said, agree 100% with your comments, He will also have to scribble out all the references to ‘equality ‘ in his speeches.

  • pippakin


    You are so right. All the more reason for everyone to be very careful of every party that calls itself socialist.