Gerry Adams: Able to run but not vote?

Gerry Adams declaration he will seek to run as a candidate for Dáil Éireann resulted in a pointless debate on how he will leave his postion as MP for West Belfast.

Another technical point is that while he is legally entitled to run as a TD, he may not be entitled to vote in any future election.

As the Dundalk Democrat notes and we all know, Adams doesn’t live in Louth or the south:

GERRY Adams will reside in County Louth if elected to Dail Eireann in this constituency. The Sinn Fein leader made the admission on a visit to The Dundalk Democrat on Monday.

Many people had questioned his decision to run in County Louth despite not being from the area but Mr Adams said he will happily relocate here in order to do the job to the best of his ability.

My family home is in West Belfast and it will remain there”

However, as the Department of the Environment, Heritage & Local Government point out in their publication on Registration Law, Adams seems to have excluded himself as a voter:

In order to be able to vote at an election or referendum, a person’s name must be entered on the register of electors for the locality in which the elector ordinarily resides.

Residence: a person must be ordinarily resident at the address in question on 1st September preceding the coming into force of the register.

A visitor or person staying temporarily at the address should not be registered

Note: Similar situations arise elsewhere where a candidate can run and vote in another constituency but in this case Adams will not have a vote anywhere.

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  • Munsterview


    Do you think that the name ‘Maskey’ as a pseudo was arrived at by accident ?

    Alex Maskey broke a lot of taboos and caused middle ground Unionist re thinks. This deliberate choice of star of Sinn Fein with a fine public record as a name to associate with the ‘Alan Maskey’ ( unmasked) alanmaskey nonsense you can now find in google was deliberate black propaganda like the forged Parnell letters or the Casement diaries.

    As I pointed out in a recent post this latest choice of what appears to be an iconic photo of Bobby Sands as a logo for his anti republican diatribes in his new…… alanmaskey…..pseudonym, is more of his provocative same behavior, following the fact that I and others ‘outed him’ and irreparably damaged his credibility for all reasonable posters regarding his motivations in his Alan Maskey unmasked persona.

    Every political upheaval that dispense with the bad old days also leave behind a disgruntled rump of supporters of the Old regime who cannot move on and adopt to the new situation and status quo.

    Maskey as a poster has shown every indication to conforming to this warped minority psychology that can only live in the past and do not accept the reality of the present, trying where possible to disrupt it and do all their best also to spoil the hopes for the future !

    It should be borne in mind that right up to the outbreak of The Second World War and a bigger vista, they were old codgers still writing to the English papers warning of the dangers of dealing with Sinn Fein and Republicans, plus of course telling all and sundry of their dwindling audience as to how the Shinners could have been defeated if only they were listened to.

    Left to his own devices, that too is where Maskey’s contributions will also end, discarded into the wastepaper basked of history as events move on !

  • Mark

    Can somebody tell me what’s the problem with a political leader who is also a successful author in his twilight years owning a holiday home in Donegal. Is he not entitled to provide for his family , expected to provide for his wife and kids. What’s the problem with him wearing a nice suit. Is it not because some people dont like to see a working lad made good. Is he expected to walk into meetings in a donkey jacket and doc martins. Gerry Adams has more dedication than any politician in this country. All the dirt on Adams goes back 35 yrs ( disappeared etc , read martin dillon’s book dirty war ( which was not written by sean o callaghans publisher ) and you get a fair idea of what went and what didn’t btw everything went. Mcconville was a spy twcie over and her info put vols lives in danger. These guys were making spilt second decisions and were not thinking past tomorrow. I just think that a man that has managed to survive the most dangerous job in politics for 30 odd years must be a seriously talented guy and they are the kind of politicians this country needs. Can people just put the past away and work together.

  • Nunoftheabove

    Does he own the house in west belfast he lives in too ? Is the D’gal property registered in his name or is it all technically party property ?

  • Mark

    Come on , everyone pulls some stroke now and again , how many wifes own their husbands homes for tax purposes. Have you never put an personal bill / invoice thru the company to avoid tax.
    Hey have you bought your TV licience.

  • Nunoftheabove

    Forgive me, but are you by any chance answering questions being asked by the creepy wee voices in your head ?

  • Mark

    there have been asked and answered a long time ago Nuno . i have always found its the people who are not in a position …………….

  • Mark

    just watched Pop goes North ireland , why do people still want to talk about it.

  • Mark

    of course I knew the alex angle and the donaldson pic is a pr game.
    keep the faith my elder statesman..

  • Munsterview


    “……..of course I knew the alex angle and the donaldson pic is a pr game…….animation” Mark

    Yes and they send a boy on a mans job !

    No fun in it anymore, Maskey has all the subtly of a mating bull elephant attempting to get his you know what, you know where and continually missing, hence the frustrated bellowing and thrashing around !

    In Belfast in the early seventies there was an area of abandoned construction between a Catholic and a Prod area ( Ard E help me out here) There was also a stink to high heavens from the site. The area was under fire from the UDA so after a brief exchange of shots with the latter, the building site was checked out. A Brit patrol fled one of the abandoned house constructions, quit sensibly they were holing up there rather than going out in patrol where they could have got shot.

    They were also using one of the upstairs rooms as an open toilet and waste dump hense the stink. Within fifteen or twenty minutes the Ra had to make a run for it, the Brits were back in force. They cordoned off the area, put up a few Sinn Fein posters in the building and brought in the press to show what a ‘Provo hideout’ looked like.

    That was propaganda ! I would have shook that Pr Officers hand then and I would still do so if I met him to-day. That was as fine a piece of professional opportunism as I ever read of or see, it ticked off so many boxes in one go.

    Maskey unmasked ? Not even fit to polish the shoes of such people but in fairness to him he do try. He do however mistake persistence for professionalism and has ignored the first rule of the play, cover blown, game over, clear off and start again. There has to be some element of credibility for it to work !

    Ah well they do not make them like they used to I suppose. Used to be a time when annihilation of the enemy propaganda was the objective of the exercise ……… Maskey cannot even manage annoyance !

    Pathetic or what ?

  • joeCanuck

    Some days are certainly much better than others.