“There is a bit of a split in the camp over it”

Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has denied reports of dissent in the party being imposed as a candidate in Louth following his sudden decision to leave west Belfast, and the UK, in a bid to hold onto the Dáil seat to be vacated by Arthur Morgan.  He’s telling anyone who will listen that

“The idea for me to stand . . . came from within the constituency. If you elbow yourself in somewhere you create havoc and it doesn’t help the party.”


In the Belfast Telegraph local Sinn Féin Cllr Tomas Sharkey, who had been tipped as Arthur Morgan’s “natural successor”, was positively gushing

“There’s no personal interest in this. This is everything I’ve ever dreamed of growing up and looking at politics. This is a fantastic move,” [Cllr Sharkey] said.

But the Herald, who as Mark noted had the story days before anyone else, also reported yesterday

Informed sources have also revealed how Mr Adams’ first task will be to try to unite party members who are split over his surprise decision.

Local Cllr Tomas Sharkey was seen as the “natural successor” to incumbent TD Arthur Morgan who announced last week that he would not seek re-election. “There is a bit of a split in the camp over it,” a source told the Herald.

“There was even reluctance to announce Arthur Morgan’s resignation in case it would spark speculation. There could be war in the camp.”

Cllr Sharkey told the Herald last week that he had known about Deputy Morgan’s intentions for “some time” but refused to be drawn on speculation that Adams could run in his place.

And in the News Letter, a somewhat mischievous Liam Clarke wonders whether the Northern Ireland First and deputy First Ministers are “glad to see the back of Adams?”

Adds  Edit in response to Rory’s concerns in the comment zone.

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  • J Kelly

    this is typical looking for a story were none exists…

  • alanmaskey

    Peter Baker: I do note your contribution to the review of the new voting system here. On a 0-10, how would you rate Gerry Adams for unintentional laughs like the one you have just given?
    As regards your post, PSF is democratic centralism with Gerry always right. Maybe Gerry would do well in the South where a beggar with a cap might come in handy.
    Do you think there will be a push in Co Louth against the blow in? Do you think all the good PSF/PIRA heads in Co Louth, the RC ones anyway, said prayers and novenas that Gerry would come and rescue them, like a latter day St Patrick? Do you think other constituences will be jealous?

    Dundalk is the biggest town in Ireland (no city rank) and it has a lot of socuial problems. The arrival of Gerry Adams and his family and entourage wlil only make it worse.

  • alanmaskey

    No it is not. Baker quotes at least two stories from today. The subheading of one says :
    Gerry Adams: I’m not up to date on Louth local issues


    So Gerry, read up on Co Louth (good place to disappear people and to kill fathers of ten)

  • HeinzGuderian

    The word is,a failed bomber,and failed hungry striker will be taking over in West Belfast ?? Out of the frying pan……………..;-)

  • Alias

    Clarke is probably aware of the recent media campaign where the central dynamic was Northern Ireland would be “glad to see the back of Adams” and all the better for it. He even touched on the Adams interventions that were cited in that campaign. Given that the media in NI is primarily a propaganda tool for the agenda of the British state, it does add an interesting aspect to his token departure from NI politics. As he is still the leader of the Shinners and therefore still a minor player in the British state, the only way that could be changed is if Adams failed to get elected in Louth – which would occur if the British state used its puppet media during the election to reveal some embarrassing details about what his brother got up to in Dundalk under Gerry’s protection, so Gerry might be walking into a bear trap. It’s not likely, however. The advantage that the top tier touts have over the middle tier is that the British state will expose the middle tier but would never expose the top tier so the likes of Scappaticci and Donaldson must do what they told or be exposed but exposing the top tier would blow the British state and its “historic compromise” apart so the likes of Gerry and Marty would have the power of partners rather than mere puppets.

  • Rory Carr

    Pete’s slip showing again !

    “There is a bit of a split in the camp over it,” a source told the Herald.

    …and from this unreliable piece of reportage we have Pete leading a thread with, “Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has denied reports of dissent in the party….” which slyly seeks to confirm the unnamed source while strengthening that with a report on Adams having to deny it. Except that we don’t have any link that cites Adams’s denial which is hardly surprising since there is no need to deny that which has not been put to him. Does he have any source for that denial or is he attempting to force from Adams a denial that he made a denial ?

    This is gutter journalism equivalent to the sneaky old lawyer’s trick question, ‘Have you now stopped beating your wife? Answer “Yes” or “No”.’

    I wish I could say it isn’t worthy of you, Pete, but you do tend to drop all pretense at objectivity when you touch upon anything even loosely related to Adams.

  • Pete Baker


    I didn’t think it an unreasonable interpretation of the various reports.

    But, you’re right.

    Adams didn’t actually deny that there was dissent within the party.

    I’ll try to find a suitable edit to reflect that.

    As for the Herald’s “unreliable piece of reportage”.

    As I pointed out in the post, the Herald did have the Adams story days before anyone else.

    So their sources can’t be that unreliable.

  • alanmaskey

    You are a naughty boy. PSF is a democratic body where the Louth members can accept or reject Adams in the same way Christmas turkeys can, in a democratic organisation like Sinn Fein, vote for Christmas or the garotte.

    No doubt there wil be a surge of Louth cumainn before the vote. There might even be a token Louth candidate. Did they have them in Albania when Hokha would get 99.89% of the vote?

  • Pete Baker

    By the way, Rory.

    “The idea for me to stand . . . came from within the constituency.”

    Or as another report notes

    Mr Adams also claimed that while senior party members had discussed the option of him contesting a Dáil seat, it was the Sinn Féin membership in Louth who proposed he stand there.

    “The idea for me to stand in Louth came from Louth,” he said.

    Do you believe that?

  • Rory Carr

    Certainly not. I am not quite that politically naive.

  • Munsterview

    ‘……..Dundalk is the biggest town in Ireland (no city rank) and it has a lot of socuial problems. The arrival of Gerry Adams and his family and entourage wlil only make it worse……” Maskey unmasked.

    Joycean ? “…has a lot of socuial problems….” social ? “…. “…and entourage wlil …” will ?

    Cannot be bothered with a spell check or more deliberate ‘dumb down’ pretend, ‘mr average’ spelling mistakes and all, psudo poster crap ?