Arthur Morgan: “It’s just the right time”

The Dundalk Democrat reports that Sinn Féin TD for Louth, Arthur Morgan, has announced that he will not be seeking re-election to the Dáil in the next Irish General Election.

I hope it wasn’t anything we might have said…

From the statement by Arthur Morgan on the  Sinn Féin website.

I have served two terms now as a Sinn Féin TD for Louth. It has been a great honour to represent the people of this county and it has been a similarly great honour to represent the Sinn Féin party in Louth and Leinster House.

My decision not to seek re-election for a third time is something which would not have been a great secret within the party in Louth or at a National level.

When I took the decision to run for a Dáil seat in Louth I had to step out of the role I had played up to that point in a family business which goes back a very long way in County Louth. I would really like to go back into business.

I am very contented with my decision and the party organisation both nationally and here in Louth have fully accepted it.

  • JH

    I’m pretty sure it wasn’t anything you said.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    I cant imagine any serious politician would be influenced by anything we said.
    Has anybody, anywhere ever been influenced by anything they have read here?
    I know that I havent.

  • Pete Baker


    Don’t be so literal.

    Just follow the links and read the detail.

  • G O’Neill

    Should we be offering congratulations or something?

    Yes I’m sure its all the bad press hes got on here that made him quit……surley there would be no-one left in Sinn Fein if we were to follow this line of reasoning.

  • sam

    Is there anyone left in Gerry Adams family that could take his place now that Gerry’s brother and brother-in-law are busy will other matters.

  • Chris Donnelly

    I’d imagine it’d be hard to fill a bar with the number of Louth residents who’ve ever heard of or accessed this site (sorry Mick) so I doubt it’s anything ‘said’ here.

    Arthur Morgan has let it be known for a while now that he’d be exiting stage left at the next election. Indeed the profiling of my aul QUB buddy, Tomas Sharkey, in the past several years was hardly coincidental, and I’d imagine Tomas will be the party candidate for Louth in 2011 (though I’m not privy to local party dynamics which could, of course, deliver a different verdict on the likely candidate.)

    Morgan will be a hard act to follow for the party in Louth as, unlike in 6-county constituencies, Sinn Fein rely more heavily on the personality appeal of individuals in the south.

    Still would fancy the party’s chances as the border vote is the closest thing the party has to a core base in the south. It’s in the Dublin constituencies where the party could be facing anything from a wipeout to a return of possibly 3 seats next time around.

  • redhugh78

    We don’t have to, we already know it’s going to be more anti-SF non stories.

    Do you take a SF poster to the toilet everytime you feel a bit frisky, me thinks so.

  • Alan Maskey

    Let Slab stand. A local man and a good junior level Gaelic footballer. Morgan is following the path of an other great Irishman, Ivan Yeates. More Sinn Feiners should follow the example and go where the heart leads.

  • Granni Trixie

    I honestly do believe that I have been influenced in some ways by regular exposure to the views on this site.
    (no won’t be leaving my party anytime soon). It gives one exposure to bits of info which fill in the gaps.
    eg I would not normally ‘hear’ people justifying what went on in ‘the war’ but here you do. Ofcoruse I do not alter my view one jot (ie completely unjustsified killings etc) for change was coming. But it does let me have an idea where others are coming from. I suppose hearing voices here has a humanising effect,an antidote to demonising.

  • joan

    all that matters chris donnelly is that you know about this site and that its content irritates you (which pleases me);
    as for arthur morgan, i suspect it was the recovery of his memory of liam adams’ chairmanship of louth sinn fein that done for him, not the stag hunting business. cross the big lad at your peril!

  • Munsterview

    “…. I suppose hearing voices here has a humanizing effect, an antidote to demonizing…..”

    Of course it has, why do you think I was subjected to so much ridicule and abuse ? ( And yes I know that I am giving a hostage to fortune by asking that question )

    There are a number of posters here ranging from the sullen to the sophisticated but all with the same agenda, prevent communication and outreach. However I welcome these efforts as what these little parochial and provincial minds forget is that there is a watching world out there that can see for themselves what a cold place for Catholics / Nationalists / Republicans the North would be if these slugger attitudes were again allowed political Dominance.

    I do not expect the views of this spectrum to change, just like Ian Smith and his cronies, they will just fade away into oblivion. In the 1860 to the 1900’s it seemed that Southern Unionism could prevent democracy indefinitely, yet by 1910 they were a spent force, but still a bloody noisy one.

    From the 1960’s to the 2000 it also seemed that the Catholic Church could last out any storm and was untouchable. It had left many a broken and dispirited body and mind in the wake of it’s triumphalist arrogant onward march. Now this same church is a spend, useless force unable to give leadership as they themselves have no respected credibility or leadership.

    Over the years reading, or should I say skimming slugger, I could not understand why Republicans despite reading the site, avoided commenting. I soon found out that why for my self.

    Hearing voices here has a humanizing effect, an antidote to demonizing, you are entirely correct in that. I find quite a few more republicans are now reading the blogs as they see some of these obnoxious voices, if not silenced, at least checked.

    It sure takes one sick puppy of a mind to see inter communication between separate creeds and politics as a threat to anything. However that is the way it was, is, and they have not gone away you know!

  • pippakin

    I thought Mr Morgan had been distancing himself from the post for some time, whatever the reason it is encouraging to see SF making changes.

    I think it very likely that SF keep a wary eye on this site and probably some others too.

  • Munsterview

    Personally I am not one bit surprised that Arthur is going, I met him in the not too recent past, he had given good service and did all for the Movement required of him…… and then some more.

    There are few in the movement as deserving of stepping back from things as Arthur is and a well deserved thanks to him from me and many another republican also for his generous service to the Republicam movement.

  • Rory Carr

    Quite so, Pete. I, for one, chuckled at your little tongue-in-cheek moment and, whatever of our differences, you did deserve it.

  • Granni Trixie

    MV: But this is not one way traffic. I would like to think that at the very least Republicans are being exposed to people like myself who know that politics failed NI – it was run unjustly – but that it could have been resolved without a drop of blood being shed. We all need to be out of our comfort zone.

  • Rory Carr

    Yeah, right, Trixie. Your mob had fifty years of not shedding blood, most especially their own, not breaking sweat,nor risking prison or hardship or doing little more than cosying up to your betters in order to make sure that at least you copped the larger crumbs that fell from the master’s table.

    “If only we could all be reasonable…” was ever the lament of those who would allow the downtrodden to suffer the status quo just so long as their bread was buttered. It goes hand-in-hand with an intellectual arrogance which it has not earned and a sense of self-entitlement to which it is no just heir.

  • mark


  • Granni Trixie

    “Your mob had fifty years…”

    And whose mob would that be? I thought I had said enough on this site to make it clear that as a Catholic ofcourse I knew what it was to experience discrimination etc.
    I am not somebody into denial that there was a justified grievance. I lived beside Lenadoon when CSS gas was released,when Catholics didnt get hpouses there and the ceasefire broke down. But I also therefore saw IRA intimidation. I have campaigned both for changes in justice structures, RUC etc etc. I have also campaigned against punishment beatings and have worn in public a T-shirt saying “Am I a legitimate Target?”. Enough?

    I hope this dents your prejudices.(have to go to work now, will return to this later).

  • Rory Carr

    “I…..have worn in public a T-shirt saying “Am I a legitimate Target?”. Enough?”

    More than enough, Trixie. Who could countenace taking issue against a man with such an outstanding record of fortitude and suffering?

  • Jj

    Could someone help me?

    I cannot see how:

    “I would like to think that at the very least Republicans are being exposed to people like myself who know that politics failed NI – it was run unjustly – but that it could have been resolved without a drop of blood being shed.”

    leads inexorably to:

    “Yeah, right, Trixie. Your mob had fifty years of not shedding blood”

  • Chris Donnelly

    all that matters chris donnelly is that you know about this site and that its content irritates you (which pleases me);

    You must be a new soul to our club; I’ve been around for quite a while…..:>

  • Cynic

    “unlike in 6-county constituencies, Sinn Fein rely more heavily on the personality appeal of individuals in the south.”

    Chris ….what a wonderfully telling comment. So ‘wrap the donkey in the flag’ does work up here.

  • Anon

    Er, no. It simply indicates a stronger brand in the North. Smaller parties almost always rely on personalities, bigger ones don’t.

  • Mick

    The links are a reference to the heat generated over Arthur’s apparently reluctance to answer direct questions about Liam Adams’s status in the constituency party in the 1990s, which started on Slugger but was then taken up by the Irish News.

    Returning directly to the point in hand though, I would say it indicates confidence in what should be a rising tide for SF in the next GE. ‘The right time’ indeed. It fits with the passing on to the next generation.

  • Munsterview

    I met him not too very long ago, got it in one Mick…… and he may not be the only one either, when it will come to selection conventions I would expect quite a few well known faces of the usual candidates to say they are not going forward.

    I cannot speak for the sitting TD’s however, in fact I cannot speak for Sinn Fein period but it is very much a generational thing. Who wants to be a Kenny party of ‘Grey, tootless limping tigres’?

    The time has come and there is a hard slog coming up over the next few yoears and If my old bones are anything to go by, new energy and change are needed.

  • becky

    sinn fein rely more heavily on the personality appeal of individuals in the south.theres a big court case coming soon and the press are going to have a field day.morgan has been told to step aside after the last bxxxs up he made with the press

  • Munsterview

    Thanks to all the work and hard graft that Arthur has done there over the years I cannot think of any constituency less in need of a ‘personality’ rather than policy driven politics to carry the election Sinn Feinns way. Arthur has given a good account of his stewardship up there and in organizational and structure terms whoever steps into his shoes do not have too much to do.

    As to media ‘criticism’ of Arthur, we have seen all before and may Iay in much tougher times, the more somebody undeserving of such claims are pilloried in the press, unlike other parties, the more republicans rally around.

    It is about time that particular penny dropped, after all it has been seen often enough in action for anyone to doubt the reality of it.

  • Munsterview

    Yes indeed, Granni, it is not one way traffic, your contributions are always welcome. Whatever of agreement we can also respect the different views as long as they are put within the rules of tolerant debate.