“Relive the nightmare; believe the dream”

That’s the tagline for 1916: The Musical, which the producers are clearly hoping will be more Les Mis than The Pirate Queen.  Although, they are apparently following the latter in planning a world premiere in Boston in April 2012.  I’m assuming they found an appropriate librettist…  In the Irish Times, Frank McNally has some thoughts

The producers are clearly well-meaning and have put a lot of work into creating what they hope will be an Irish Les Misérables. So I rather feared for them that the baggage we all still carry over 1916 might have caused history to repeat itself – in Marx’s phrase – first as tragedy and then as farce.

In my nightmare scenario, the musical would have opened in the GPO to the indifference or even outright hostility of Dubliners. Then the British critics would have sailed up the Liffey and shelled the occupants of the building from a safe distance.

At some point the leading protagonists would have been taken out and shot (by photographers from Hello magazine, thereby incurring that magazine’s infamous curse and sealing the production’s doom).

Only afterwards, in a backlash against the London media, would the Irish people have swung behind the musical. By then, unfortunately, the investors would have been bankrupt. And anyway, sooner or later, there would have been the inevitable split, with a rival production opening in the Four Courts in 2022, followed in time by competing soundtracks from the provisional and official EMIs and later from the Continuity EMI, the Real EMI, and so on.

Heh.  Altogether now…