1916: the musical…

A London based production company is looking for a librettist to help them develop a musical on the theme of the 1916 Easter Rising. So if you have a good knowledge in Irish history and the Rising of 1916, and good command of Irish dialects, and you have a latent Les Mis inside you, why not give it a crack! H/T Dave!

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  • Ulsters my homeland

    wonder if they’re looking for a sounds effect guy? I’m quite a percussionist, who’s good at imitating rifle fire and bombs.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    I wonder what a cabbage and spud sounds like when thrown?….something to work on

  • NCM

    I could come up with lots of dumb lyrics set to cheery tunes:

    “Let’s shoot, oh let’s shoot, oh let’s shoot — James Connolly… in his chair;

    Some say not to do it but we say it’s fair;

    Now the Irish people will see Britannia’s might;

    And never again will put up a fight”


    “The General Post Office, their lines are longer today;

    Because Irish rebels have stepped in the way;

    Fighting the British on Easter ’16;

    Now the Post Office, hurrah!, is free and green.”


    Just have a bunch of people run around with guns and play the “Foggy Dew.”

  • dewi

    Don’t cry for me De Valera…

  • fionn

    ‘Don’t cry for me De Valera… ‘

    LOL! Classic.

    ‘I wonder what a cabbage and spud sounds like when thrown?….something to work on’

    True colours eh UMH?

  • William

    Perhaps the production will be like the Easter Rising – A FAILURE

  • I’m glad you were there to tell us the Easter Rising was a failure William. Otherwise we might have all forgotten, and thought it had succeeded. Who won the Battle of the Boyne? James II, right?

  • Murray Gold

    “The Easter Rising, what a show,
    The easter rising here we go.

    He couldn´t walk, he couldn´t talk
    They straped his body to a chair,
    They did shoot, they did shoot,
    While James was tied to his chair.

    Cowards, buggers, murderers, those bad British,
    They can take his life but not his dignity.

    So don´t be stupid be a smarty
    Come and join the Easter Party”

  • Cushy Glenn

    With apologies to Sid Vicious-

    “And now the end is near
    And so I face the firing squad
    You brit, I’m not a queer
    I’ll state my case, which is quite sad
    I’ve lived a life that’s full
    And did my tax return last night
    But more, much more than this
    I’m in deep s***e ”

    Or a variation on that Charles Aznavour classic
    “Thank heavens, for little boys…”