A new anti NI Water Campaign site?

This site seems to be about the NI Water story. And we hear it is being talked up by some pretty senior people inside the company. However,  you can see very little original content without registering (which is odd)… I tried signing up, and it refused to take my details at all…

Our interim advice would be that although it could be a genuine attempt to draw out legitimate criticism, for all practical purposes treat it with caution… In the meantime, despite the apparent silence, we continue to investigateUpdate: As noted by several commenters below this is a site of some long standing and not a new enterprise

Our own email address is: editor@sluggerotoole.com

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  • There’s a lot more to come with this NI Water affair… just wait until September.

  • A N Other

    How come nobody has resorted to Wikileaks…?

  • William Markfelt

    ‘we hear it is being talked up by some pretty senior people inside the company’

    In positive or negative terms?

  • William Markfelt

    I’ve managed to register with it no problem, and it would appear they’ve been subjected to a hack attack, which may explain a brief(?) period of not accepting new registrations.


    Apparently you can get twits 🙂 but it has never been a system I’ve bothered with. But for those of you who use twattery, there’s a link (above)

  • Mick Fealty

    In this case, they wouldn’t need to. Whilst we are waiting to hear through the official route, I’d be more than happy to have any material people felt was in the public interest to put outside the organisation.

  • Pigeon Toes

    Site has been around for quite some considerable time.

  • Mick Fealty

    I’m in now… I await some content… But it is good to have some company on this journey…

  • William Markfelt

    ‘it appears to be more of a forum for low level gripes from the industrial unions.’

    There’s a possibility that just might change.

  • PJ_Maybe

    Typical. The pretty senior people get all the good gossip associated with them, the ugly senior people are just ignored.

  • Anon

    Wiki’leaks’. Ha, I see what you did there. Very good.

  • . [No html code for that.]

    That must have been the real reason for the mushroom management I suffered all my professional life.

  • “despite the apparent silence”

    There may well be some ministerial answers to a series of MLA questions re.NI Water in the early August edition of the NIA weekly answers booklet.

  • Colm McGinn


    Or ‘Jesus Christ!’, as one might say

  • How strange. I mention those answers and lo and behold they suddenly appear – carrying the date July 23!! They weren’t there when I checked this morning.

  • Phil Free

    Moses, shurely?

  • Phil Free

    Errr, whats that photo of the derelict house printed in the 23 July written answers booklet all about? Its just after the first DRD written answer.

    Didnt realise they printed photos in the answer book. Never mind photos of houses with ‘testicley’ daubed in paint on them!

  • Never mind Sept –

    My FOI about the Appointment of Four Interim Directors‏ is nearly ready

    “The Department is finalising the information relating to your FOI request”

  • Colm McGinn

    Well, it depends. I favour the wine production model.

  • belfastjj, it’s probable the answer won’t differ much from the answers published today. See my link further up the page 28 July 12.26 pm

  • Phil Free, the photo is supposed to relate to some trees that got the chop near Dungannon. As the Minister explained: No member of staff authorised the inadvertent cutting down of the trees in private ownership.

  • Lot of twisted knickers here.

    So: to summarise …

    NI Water is a utililty.

    Utilities are controlled by one of those Thatcherite agencies (if not OfWat, What?). They are allowed to make enough “profit” to attract investment. This amounts to a 5% return (i.e. x10 the bank Rate). Since this is “guaranteed” by government, we are in the bluest chip country.

    When NI Water is fully “liquid” (heh, heh!), that’s how it would be valued.

    So, what did I miss?

    Oh, yeah: which multi-national will outbid the non-UK, nationalised, utility?

  • It’s all very curious. The water company was valued at £6 billion as an agency, £1 billion when it became NIW, a GoCo, and now back to £6 billion as an NDPB. Also, apparently the VAT man can take his slice now that the NIW is no longer a GoCo – and may even back date his charges!!

  • William Markfelt

    I see that NIW are advertising for a new head of communications. I hope the next one is better with ‘leaks’ than the last one was.

  • William, applicants will have to get their skates on. The webpage indicates that the post was advertised yesterday and the closing date for applications is Friday 13th August 2010.

    “This is an excellent opportunity to work in a challenging and exciting environment.”


  • William Markfelt

    Worded and time-framed to steer the current Assistant into place?

    I wonder if he or she will have learned how to stop leaks by the time they take up their position.

  • William Markfelt

    “The Department is finalising the information relating to your FOI request”

    After which they will determine which bits to let you have, and which to leave out.

  • William, NIW’s website has this to say:

    “There are no positions currently being advertised”

    and this:

    “As a new self-financing GoCo NIW is dedicated: to providing water and wastewater services which are second to none for the people of NI; to exceeding the challenging targets set by our regulator; and to fulfilling the expectations of our customers and stakeholders. In short, our aim is to be the number one utility company in UK by 2014.

    To do all of this we need staff who are talented, motivated, committed and who enjoy a challenge.”

    NIW info appears to be, er, a bit dated.

  • McKavanaghs

    I assume you are referring to the position McParland is vacating.

    Its may be interesting to note that his former job title was Head of Communications which was upgraded to Director of Corporate Affairs, although there was not actual advertisement for that position or for that matter no actual corporate affairs directorate for him to be director of.

    So a hand picked successor placed into a post that wasnt advertised would appear to be entirely in line with the history of that section of NIW.