Photograph of the Day – Jeff Lindsay

playwright and crime novelist who was at the Queens Film Theatre last night talking about his career and the new series of Dexter which he wrote.

Oh and a season of Kurosawa movies starts today

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  • Ged

    That’s Photo of the day?

    It’s rubbish!

  • RepublicanStones

    My favourite Kurosawa is Sanjuro, the sequel to ,b>Yojimbo. Unfortunately I don’t think QFT are showing it 🙁

  • Dec

    I sort of get a bit irked when people start droning on about Kurosawa when really they should be droning on about Kurosawa AND Mifune.

  • Michael

    There’s an Irish actress joining Dexter for season 5.

    Did Mr Lindsay give any indication of how many more series are planned?

  • thanks for that insightful critique Ged

  • Sorry Michael can’t tell you i was in and out of the talk/chat

  • Neil

    See Sons of Anarchy filming outside George’s market today. Suuposedly a story line about buying guns off local paramilitaries…

  • Michael

    My wife spent a few years in Japan teaching where she saw Ikiru on TV and now just loves it, do you know if its playing by any chance?

  • The so called ‘True IRA’, as it’s known in the show have been apparently supplying most of California with Russian AK47s for years…
    Indulge in SOA now and again, but some of THE worst Oirish accents ever to grace the screen.

  • Michael

    SOA has had the bikers buying guns from the ‘true IRA’ since season 1, a plotline I noticed they failed to mention when looking for extras on good morning ulster 😉

    They import the guns in barrels of Dungloe Oil, from the refinery there.
    I kid you not.

  • RepublicanStones

    Fair point Dec.

  • Caught the last half hour or so of Ronin……Jonathon Pryce with THE worst Oirish accent ever

  • jeff lindsay

    hey moochin,

    can i use this photo for publicity?

    thanx, mate. cheers!