Photograph of the Day – In the sights

taken in 1997 during a photographic workshop in the lower Falls. Why would anyone want a return to this common sight?

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  • Simon

    Nice and black and white.

  • SimonD

    Having seen this so much in my childhood, it evokes a curious feeling. I certainly wouldn’t want to return to those days, but sights like that were part of my upbringing in the province, and it’s sometimes difficult to separate the bad bits from the good bits.

  • Fearglic

    We used to get stopped by “the Brits” several times a day in the 70’s/80’s the guerilla tactic worked to get the population against the army. Hope the powers that be will be more sensible this time.

  • if the Ardoyne self-destructors are anything to go by ‘the powers that be’ are no more sensible or different than last time out.