Photograph of the day – Base at St Annes Square

As part of the Trans festival 25+ artists from around the world are creating large scale paintings in St Annes square. The standard and quality of the work is very very high and i’d recommend a trip down to see the work being created. It’s on between 2pm and 6pm in St Annes square behind the cathedral and there will be live bands and dj’s, there’s also a nearby bar.  You can also see the Half Naked Chef at Cotton Court shows at 2pm and 4pm which is very very funny, Steve Woko Jackson is a bit of a character to say the least

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  • Ha. Looks like the cheeky Miguel Martin on salute. He’ll likely be at the Black Books event this afternoon. Right, where I’m going now.

  • Alan Maskey

    I cannot see what this has to do with culture. It seems to to me this who area has been hijacked by retards on the take. How much of Derry’s effort, for example, will be locally produced, and how much will be these itinerants cashing in?

  • observer

    Oh there is no doubt at all that the quango quarter honchos down by St Anne’s were licking their lips when this announcement was made, wondering just how a big a slice of the pie they can appropriate. Several of them had their fingerprints all over Belfast’s ludicrous European bid. Derry’s much more considered and modest proposals have been succcessful. I just hope that the Belfast luvvies can be kept suitably at bay from whatever boon may result but I doubt it.

  • Procrasnow

    Well give me more of this type of Culture

    than the CULT ure we see on the 11th night that is only going to result in hefty fines from the EU Environmental watch dog on local councils here for for not meeting recycling targets and burning of carcinogen producing tyres

  • you would assume bidding for an EU level award would call for higher up proposals.

    Either way interesting to hear of jealousy between the two quango quadrants here in NI. I’m away to hoke out my pot, or is it a kettle?

  • One type of culture > than another type of culture bore.

    Maybe in the comments section slugger could have an additional field for ‘How do you rate your cultural awareness?’ and censor anyone who awards themselves more than 2 of out 10.

  • RepublicanStones

    Yer man has talent…not sure about the Roy Orbison’s though !