Photograph of the Day – Old friends

Padraig and Michael. Good firm handshakes from the pair of them

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  • RepublicanStones

    Great pic Mooch. Reminds me of the recent Jameson’s (IIRC) print campaign, a pic of a few old boys. Can’t find a link unfortunately.

  • Cheers
    After a film premier with lots of free Jamesons i can’t touch the stuff anymore. Me an Whiskey are a no no now. Which isn’t such a bad thing.
    I didn’t see the print campaign.
    I’m glad i stopped them to ask for a portrait and if i didn’t have maah boy with me i dare say i would have heard a few of the stories that i think they’d be able to tell.
    A right pair of characters still going strong at 74 and 72.

  • Pigeon Toes


    I thought you were dead 🙂

  • B.R.F

    They could play for Antrim…No bother!!

  • lover not a fighter

    Its not nice to laugh so heartily at the antics of he coming generations.

    These two old codgers are not taking the younger folk too seriously (They be right)