Photograph of the Day – Day or Night Ryan O’Reilly

Designer Ryan O'Reilly in front of his piece Day or Night, created as part of the Trans festival Paint by numbers event.

Paint by numbers is an event organsied by the Trans Festival,

Over the 3 weeks of the festival  an Artist, a designer and an Architect produce a piece of art that can then be coloured in by attendees to Out of Place.

Simple idea and very therapeutic

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  • Michael

    Don’t go over the lines

  • where is this?

    btw what’s with the big black frame on your photos?

  • Out of Place is on Castle Lane (off cornmarket)

    The frame comes from me shooting with one camera through the viewfinder of another camera.
    Did i not mention my exhibition? 🙂

  • ah, context is everything. Good luck with the exhibition

  • RepublicanStones

    Nice dreamy effect with the worn edges of the viewfinder you’re shooting through Mooch.

  • Thanks RS the Anscoflex II that i’m using has a particularly big and bright viewfinder. I’ve tried a number of different cameras but this is the one for me.
    You have a week to get to the Waterfront to see my exhibition, i have 960 portraits up and there are just under 600 TtV photographs that were sent in by other TtV’ers from around the world.
    It’s the biggest exhibition of the technique ever to be held.
    Oh and they’re all up for grabs on the last night