Photograph of the Day – Let the hanging begin

Belfast & Beyond - Through the Viewfinder - let the hanging begin

For those interested i’m installing my exhibition today and tomorrow. I’ll be displaying 1050 portraits which hopefully will show not just the diversity of Belfast and it’s changing face(s) but also the people i photographed using the 2 camera technique ‘Through the Viewfinder’.

There is also going to be a wall of TtV photographs sent by other TTv’ers around the world. At last count there are 18 packages waiting on me to open and display TtV photographs from as far afield as India,USA  Australia and Canada. It’s going to be an interesting set of photographs showing the different techniques and styles of post processing.

With the sharing nature of the internet in mind and with a hat tip to Anders Petersens Cafe Lehmitz ALL of the photographs are up for grabs on the last night of the exhibition “TtV Takeaway”.

So i’ve a busy weekend ahead of me but it’ll be worth it i hope and you’re all very welcome to come down to the Waterfront Hall on Monday at 7pm to feast your eyes and have a beer or two.

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  • Good luck, Mooch. The pictures look great.

    I remember the exhibition at the Black Box and seeing them displayed on a much larger scale will be fantastic. I’m sure it will be a massive success.

    Don’t do your back in hanging them all this weekend!

  • Thanks Patrick i hope so.
    I have a few helpers so the pain (if any) will be shared

  • Kevin McIlhennon

    Is that myself I see third from bottom, second from right? Looking good Mooch. Gonna get myself down on Monday night before I jet away on my lovely (and well-deserved) holidays. Good luck with the hanging Mooch.

  • Munsterview


    Congrads, a great achievement. We really are a global village whether we accept the fact or not, your collation of international work to join with your own is proof of one aspect of that.

    Good luck with it, I hope that it will go well for you personally and I am sure it will be very enjoyable for all there.

  • Paul Beattie

    Big fan of your work on flickr. Did you do this all by yourself, or was there any assistance from Arts Council, etc?

    I think this is great, and I am really looking forward to seeing it.

    Best of luck.