Photograph of the Day -Ardal O’Hanlon

Did i mention i’m having an exhibition…… ?

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  • drumlins rock

    what is Ardal’s exhibition on?

  • Hardehar

    You should be on the stage yourself dr……

    Sweeping up

  • Michael

    I like it, great face, almost as interesting as Dr Hamilton’s face.

    I’ll have to take a run down to your exhibition after work, I assume there’s late night opening?

  • Mark McGregor


    You need the content on that link changed. People can’t just take any photo they fancy – at least my understanding was you get to take your own pic.

  • Mark you get to take your own if you were TtV’ed then take others too, it’s free art

  • It’s accessible as long as the Waterfront is open Michael

  • Mark McGregor

    Grand. Though that isn’t clear on the link:

    ‘The last night of the exhibition is ‘TtV Takeaway Night’ where visitors can choose their favourite photographs from the 2000 plus on display and take them away – for free.’

    You wouldn’t want people turning up to get their pic to find someone else had grabbed it. My kids will knack yer ballix in if that happens!

  • Ha it is the one weak link (trust you to spot it) but ‘TtV Takeaway’ starts at 7pm on the 24th so you’ll just have to be there on time.
    Should also mention that there are TtV contributions from around the world which will be on a separate wall and they too are up for grabs.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Ardal O’Hanlon appears to be turning into Father Jack.
    I will definitely take a trip to the Waterfront. It has the magic word “free” but as a pensioner Id want a discount on “free”.

  • Neil

    Myself and Chuckle AKA Mr Bultitude will take a swing by. Nice shot of O’Hanlon…

  • drumlins rock

    Will try to get over and see it Mooch, right after I see the Ulster Museum,
    PS I have actually performed on the main stage of the Waterfront!