Photograph of the Day – Summer morning rain

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  • Superb. What is that, a clothes line?

  • Thanks
    Yes indeedy – plastic coated wire

  • DerTer

    Thank you MP – wonderful picture. Do we have any of the technical details?

  • RepublicanStones

    Excellent picture mooch. Can you achieve that clarity without an SLR?

  • Thanks DerTer

    We don’t but i do 🙂

    60mm Macro lens
    f2.8 @ 50th of a sec
    Iso 200
    8 am(ish) yesterday morning

  • Thanks RS some of the compact digi cameras have excellent macro capabilities, so yeah but of course you need a steady hand and or a tripod to help with the clarity.
    This was taken hand held whilst the kettle was boiling 🙂

  • Beautiful photograph.

    Of a line outside in situ? Or a staged shot?

    Well done.

  • Thanks Mervyn

    Backyard clothesline
    Off the cuff shot