Photograph of the Day – Some light reading

some light reading in the First Presbyterian Church, Rosemary Street

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  • joeCanuck

    Just a wee pity that we (at least me) can’t read the book titles.

  • I did consider that Joe but wanted to put the feeling of the room across more than anything else hence the B&W duotoned treatment.
    For the record of the 4 books that the spines are visible, the top book is Commentary on the New Testament – The 4 Gospels and the 3 beneath are The Treasury of David vols 1-3

  • lover not a fighter

    Were they reading too many of these Books at the Presbyterian Mutual Society and neglecting the other books ?

  • Elvis Paisley

    sound photo

  • I can’t read the titles, but they look very familiar, just like the ones taking over my life now Im getting ‘into’ the history course…

  • Is that picture on the wall Ray Charles ?