Photograph of the Day – Negotiations are ongoing

negotiations are ongoing

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  • So where is this easily-cut chain protecting nothing?

  • joeCanuck

    Locks and chains are there, oddly enough, to keep honest people out. That looks like a space that could be usefully used by kids to kick a ball about.

  • Rory Carr

    “…and the banks are made of marble,” Joe, “with a guard on every door”, (well, with the possible exception of the Northern Bank that is).

  • It’s actually used as a car park during the day for the workmen who are renovating the Pothouse on Hill Street in the city centre.
    The workmen had been parking on Cotton Court and had caused a few problems not only with access to the building but also cracking paving stones.

  • Some great shots on your blog. Nice work.
    What kind of community based projects have you been doing
    in the past? I’m interested in eventually doing some collaborative work
    at some stage too. Great to see…

  • All sorts Paul from travellers, a visually impaired group, young offenders and different community groups across Belfast.
    Drop me an email