Photograph of the Day – The Dr

well it is Sunday

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  • Looking well BIG Man !!

  • Big Ian looking well and like a Don.

  • I wonder if there is a look of regret there, and perhaps some anxiety about the future of the party he founded.

  • Greenflag

    Psalms 20.7

    We are risen and stand upright .

    Proverbs 11:29

    He that troubleth hisown house shall inherit the wind.

    So how now do all his ‘rants’ against the evils of the RC Church measure up ?

    I may not agree with the Doc politically or religiously but I’ll pay him a belated thank you for keeping his gob well ajar in earlier times 🙂

    Respect .

  • Ah but he was preaching to the converted, and hindsight tis a wonderful thing. Mr Paisley seems to have mellowed with age, and perhaps we have too.

    You are right: Respect.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Good photo.

  • Re-engaged

    Good photo – seen a couple of them on another site (press eye) – seems to be in his most relaxed – the hat is differently top notch

  • slug

    As time goes on I reacognise that the Doc has a certain sartorial style that is as good as ever in his 80s.