Welsh poll flashes up an epic warning for Corbyn’s UK Labour…

Many Labour activists can ill afford to believe what’s almost certainly on its way.  But if this poll is anything to go by it may pay a huge price for shifting so far to the left in Wales, even as much of their vote was heading for UKIP ahead of English trends in the Senedd… Analysis by @roger_scully > 'Sensational' poll suggests Tories could end Labour majority in Wales https://t.co/goBZwPRfed — Adrian Masters (@adrianmasters84) April 24, 2017 To put this … Read more

A centrist alternative to the UK Labour Party?

It’s worth reading this first… …being an equidistant centre party is good for winning votes and terrible at winning seats. That’s three questions anyone wanting to set up a new centre party has to answer, just as a preliminary: What does your proposed party stand for? How are you going to build an actual party, not just an HQ? How are you going to win Parliamentary seats and not just accumulate wasted votes? Once they’ve got the answers to those, … Read more

Corbyn against @UKLabour’s sleeping base in Northern Ireland playing an official part in #AE17

Just in from the Labour Party in NI stalwart, Boyd Black… Jeremy Corbyn has said it is ‘extremely unlikely’ there will be official Labour candidates in the Stormont Assembly elections. This comment is unhelpful. It is also not surprising, as the promised official review by the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has been disgracefully delayed, in part by last year’s party leadership election. Since it is the NEC that will make the decision about us fighting elections (albeit with a … Read more

Labour now trail the Tories by 25% in England (and by a lot more in the over 75s)

I’m putting this here for those who wish to comment, from the ICM poll for the Guardian. First thing to note is that there is no statistically significant change, but the position is not great for Labour… Conservatives: 43% (up 2) Labour: 26% (down 2) Ukip: 11% (down 2) Lib Dems: 8% (down 1) Greens: 6% (up 2) Now, 17% is likely to be accumulated damage from a summer of very nasty and public in-fighting. You pays your money and you takes … Read more

Tom Watson reminds @UKLabour that it has a record it can defend rather than just destroy…

“Trashing our record is not the way to enhance our brand. We won’t elections like that, and we need to win elections” @tom_watson pic.twitter.com/d6OkXKqYm4 — DailySunday Politics (@daily_politics) September 27, 2016 He reminded his Conference audience that the single-minded denunciation of its own government record (for the last six years, ie it is not simply a Corbyn problem) is no way to win in the future… Mick FealtyMick is founding editor of Slugger. He has written papers on the impacts … Read more

Since Corbynistas joined @UKLabour digitally, it looks like they prefer to fight their battles that way too.

Strong piece from Polly Toynbee at the Labour Party conference today, where she’s been fielding puzzled inquiries from fervent Corbyn-ites as to why she’s anti-Jeremy Corbyn when both she and he stand for roughly the same things. It’s more than a decent and comprehensive response. Corbyn could apply a little balm to the great gash in his party. If he meant peace and unity, he could stop dead all talk of deselecting MPs, and protect MPs such as Walthamstow’s Stella Creasy and … Read more

Corbyn’s problem is that he’s much less well liked than his own party…

The Evening Standard have a lot of detail in the latest Ipsos Mori poll. But the interesting bit lies in the fact that the Conservative party is still disliked by more people than like it (55%-38%), whilst the Labour has people evenly split between the two (45% – 46%). The real difference arises in the leaders’ ratings, with May’s positives (60%) towering over both her own negatives (33%) and that of her party’s (55%), whilst Corbyn’s are somewhat reversed with … Read more

Labour goes for a ride with the “crazy, mad, wild-eyed, big-bottomed anarchists!!”

So 183,541 registered supporters paid their £25 to vote, most of them, for Jeremy Corbin. Owen Smith now sits at 9/2, ie still odds on to lose. And the first estimates are impressive, but confirm Smith is still pushing a heavy boulder up the hill. Apologies I garbled tweet on early sample of 183k. It's 60/40 pro Corbyn/anti Corbyn, not other way round. — Paul Waugh (@paulwaugh) July 21, 2016 The high re-admission cost hasn’t deterred dedicated Corbynistas from making sure … Read more

So what comes after Farage for UKIP? Labour’s northern base?

So he’s gone [Has he? Really? Gone, I mean? Like for good? – Ed] Who knows. But for now, Nigel Farage is planning to edge out the rest of his free Belgian beer time in his job quietly in Brussels. What comes after that? Well, the Telegraph is pitching Paul Nuttall and Steven Woolfe, two working class lads from Livepool and Manchester respectively. Nuttall in particular, has been instrumental in the growth of the party in working class areas in the … Read more

Welcome to the Northern Ireland Labour Representation Committee party?

So as our profiles continue, we’ll have a new party and candidates to the roster. Having patiently waited at the back of the UK Labour bus for years, Labour party members are to form their own breakaway group and stand candidates in Northern Ireland. Sam McBride has the details… The party leader, journalist and author Kathryn Johnston, told the News Letter that there had been a huge increase in party membership in recent times. Labour now has 1,200 members in … Read more

Brexit from the Centre Left

The Remain camp have so successfully monopolised the centre and especially centre left ground that they have reduced the political space for Leave. In reality perfectly valid arguments for both positions (Leave / Remain) can be presented from almost anywhere on the political spectrum.

Jeremy Corbyn and the obsession with the history of Marxist revolutions.

Apparently there was a pitched battle for the Chair of the Portsmouth Constituency Labour Party last night… Deep deep joy! – third ballot a tie. Arguments over whether a second coin toss should take place. Demands for a city wide ballot… — Cllr John Ferrett (@John_Ferrett) November 19, 2015 A pitched battle between New Labour and New Old Labour by all reliable accounts. Probably de riguer in the party by now if Damian McBride’s analysis is anything to go by… … Read more

Corbyn’s dire polling figures give Tories (and the SNP) huge political latitude

Yesterday there were five council by-elections in which both Tories and Labour stood. The overall swing to Conservatives was estimated at 3.8%. Hardly definitive judgement on Corbyn’s leadership, but at a time when the Tories are running a horse and cart through the benefit system hardly grounds for optimism either.

Read moreCorbyn’s dire polling figures give Tories (and the SNP) huge political latitude

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“there’s a great spreading middle-aged backend sitting on our politics and our economics…”

Coming up briefly for air on the Labour Leadership competition, this recently came to my attention… The killer point by Will Self is here: I think a lot of people who backing Corbyn are young and what young people see is that there’s a great spreading middle-aged backend sitting on our politics and our economics at the moment and they want to readjust things around that. Bingo. Oh, and there’s this excoriation of an apparent nascent modern myth (H/T Paulo) … Read more

Can the next Labour leader act as a bridge between politics and people?

As it happens I seem to have acquired an irregular slot on Jonathan Lampon’s ‘Behind the Headlines’ slot on Radio Leicester to talk about UK politics. After a heads up from Jonathan’s team yesterday I found myself as one of an elite few watching the Labour leadership last night… Here’s the resulting discussion from this morning: listen to ‘Can Labour bridge ‘politics’ and ‘people’?’ on audioBoom There’s also some quick supplementary thoughts on this morning’s SluggerReport.. To which I’d add… … Read more

After #GE2015… Are Labour’s historic coalitions suffering from an ‘upgrade effect’?

So, on with the post election profiles, this time back over to Britain, er, England and Wales. So, let’s talk about Labour (of the UK variety).  The thing about the Labour party is that it is barely more than 100 years old. In most of that time it has been in opposition. Indeed, you sometimes get the impression that some of their support quite like it that way. The only sustained exception to that rule was in the mid-sixties to … Read more