Jeremy Corbyn can no longer “say the first thing that comes into his head”

Slightly disappointing that the first thing that meets you when you click on the Labour party website is the by now old news that the new leader is Jeremy Corbin. But whatever is happening to Labour poll ratings in the country, he’s still pulling them in.

Still, his rather unfocused leadership has brought this extraordinarily early rebuke from one of his biggest supporter/sponsors, Len McCluskey of the Unite Union…

Jeremy Corbyn can no longer “say the first thing that comes into his head” now he is Labour Party leader, Unite boss Len McCluskey has said.

The union general secretary said Mr Corbyn had to “come to terms” with his leadership, the York Press reported.

Unite, Britain’s largest trade union and Labour’s biggest financial backer, supported Mr Corbyn in last summer’s Labour leadership contest.

Mr McCluskey later said Mr Corbyn had his “full support”. Unite said he had expressed similar sentiments in his speech at York University.

According to the York Press, Mr McCluskey said: “He [Mr Corbyn] has been a very principled MP and been able to say what he likes, but now he’s a leader and in leadership he can’t necessarily say the first thing that comes into his head. He has to take some balance.”

He also said Mr Corbyn’s comments on shoot-to-kill powers for police were “inappropriate”.

Keep your friends close and your close friends, erm, closer?