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Phil Woolas: “This is the end, I’m out”

Former Labour Party MP, Phil Woolas, has lost his bid for a judicial review of an election court’s ruling that stripped him of his Commons seat and barred him from politics public office for 3 years.  The election court ruling was in relation to Woolas’ campaign team’s plot to “get the white vote angry” against his electoral more…

Leadership recovered – now what?

My old friend Ed Curran has a long record of observing politics that is almost unrivalled among those still writing today (apart from arch patriarch Jimmy Kelly). Ed has been treating Bel Tel readers to reality checks about the nature of unionism and its leadership, a topic that greatly exercises Slugger comment. He is surely more…

Bright young things of Ucunf are now unpersons

Although I know little about them personally, I feel sorry for the former Ucunf couple Ian Parsley and Paula Bradshaw. Ian is more widely known than his political record as an Alliance and now an NI  Conservative would suggest. Theirs seems to be the only successful bit of the partnership left. I noticed him as a more…

Fermanagh South Tyrone election reaches court

The ongoing row over Michelle Gildernew’s election as Fermanagh / South Tyrone MP is due to reach the courts today. Rodney Connor is claiming there were breaches of the statutory rules and is seeking a scrutiny of the votes, a recount and a determination that Ms Gildernew was not duly elected. The victorious Sinn Fein more…

Election Results 2010 - Wales

General Election 2010 – Wales (1 of 2)

OK, for a change, and due to an unprecedented lack of popular demand I thought I’d post about something I know something about……. Scores on the Doors and a map from Wiki below: (more…)

General Election 2010 – Sinn Féin

With 25.5% of the vote SF beat the DUP by 3,700 to get the highest vote of all parties (helped, of course, by DUP absence in FST and North Down). That’s the first time ever in General Elections. (One of the things you wonder about late at night is what would have happened in 1921 more…

General Election 2010 – the DUP

Didn’t stand in FST or North Down so the raw result of 25% a little distorted – but losing the leader’s seat was unfortunate to put it mildly. The dynamic in East Belfast is best left until we get to the Alliance so let’s look at other stuff. (more…)

General Election 2010 – the SDLP

The SDLP were defending a marginal in South Belfast and had a new leader attempting to follow a popular MP in South Down. Those seemed potential nightmare ingredients. However the election was a real triumph for Ritchie. Looking at their strongest seats you have: (more…)

General Election 2010 – UCUNF

Where to start? The four stage progression I suppose, thus: 1) The bright new non-sectarian dawn. 2) Look at us we have Catholic candidates. 3) Sorry no we haven’t. 4) Oh and we’ll change our mind on standing in every seat… Totally. Absolutely. Astonishing. I always thought that the money was important but was it more…

General Election 2010 – the TUV

Right, moving on to the TUV. 2010 represented the first General election to be fought by Traditional Unionist Voice. How did they do? A total of 26,300 votes over the 10 seats fought split: (more…)

General Election 2010 in Belfast

Trawling through the figures as you do it’s worth having a look at the combined votes of the 4 Belfast constituencies: (more…)

The Steeples stay at home

Probably the single most striking fact about the 2010 General Election was the turnout in Fermanagh South Tyrone. (more…)

The power of incumbency

OK – post election depression done with – here’s some analysis. Prior to the expenses scandal it was conventional to think that the combination of new technology and the £10k p.a. MP’s communication allowance would increase the power of incumbency. So let’s see if the incumbency effect exists. Here’s the percentage drop in Labour votes more…

Towards a new politics, or just more groping around in the dark?

Looking ahead to the twin delights of the Stormont recess and the climax of the marching season, thoughts are turning to the prospects for ” a new politics. ”  Well c’mon, it’s a slogan they’ve heard somewhere recently – was it from Westminster? David Gordon has kicked off a series of articles in the Belfast more…

FST challenge destined to fail?

The last time a Unionist attempted to have a court overturn an electoral declaration in Fermanagh South Tyrone was when James Cooper (UUP) failed in his challenge over the 2001 result where he was defeated by 53 votes. At the time Justice Carswell agreed there had been irregularities at a polling station in Garrison but more…


After the election: Did the Internet make any substantial difference?

Mark Pack from the LibDem voice blog spoke at an RSA event last week which discussed the degree to which the Internet influenced the outcome of the election. In terms of its basic promise, ie to make politics less hierarchical, he notes just how quickly scale and structure form themselves around what are essentially egalitarian more…