General Election 2010 – the DUP

Didn’t stand in FST or North Down so the raw result of 25% a little distorted – but losing the leader’s seat was unfortunate to put it mildly. The dynamic in East Belfast is best left until we get to the Alliance so let’s look at other stuff.

The TUV were smashed – finished? Maybe but I think they’ll throw everything they have at Stormont. Even in North Antrim the DUP majority was a comfortable 12,500 odd however.
From the other side stong UCUNF campaigns in South Antrim and Upper Bann were defeated leaving the DUP as the sole Unionist party with Westrminster representation. (Apart from the Hermonite Unionist Party of course).
A victim of their own success maybe but it’s difficult to postulate with any rationale further electoral progress. The excellent analysis by Nicholas Whyte indicates at best standing still at Stormont.
Whither Peter Robinson? – To get through what he’s been through has been remarkable enough but electoral failure is something else again……the East Belfast ssembly campaign will be fascinating.

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