‪#‎FridayThread‬ – Corbyn’s networks as a modern digital ecclesia?

Newsnight had a fascinating conversation (with not a little tension) between Charles Moore (the conscience of the British right, let’s call him) and Matthew Parris (ferociously bright and pragmatic) over the elevation of a Remainer to the head of a Brexit government. Moore bemoaned the fact that in an age which the voters warm each time to a message of change, the new Prime Minister does not fit the bill of those looking for that change to become tangible. The only … Read more

With a leadership challenge in the offing, @UKLabour calls for a general election…

Labour NI AGM table goodies

A few weeks ago, Eamonn McCann reassured the Assembly that the Brexit referendum would split the Tory party apart. He clearly believed (as did many of us) that we were on our way to a Remain vote. That certainly would have been messy for the Tories, and would not (as David Cameron hoped) necessarily have resolved the matter for a generation. But Brexit is likely to provide the Tories with some substantial closure on the matter. So instead it is the … Read more

“If he had, he would know that I voted for Corbyn last year…”

Labour NI AGM table goodies

It’s worth sharing this experience of one Labour Party member who voted in favour of Jeremy Corbyn last year attending a meeting of her local Bristol Labour Party last night. It’s getting very rough in there. To the point at which the Labour party no longer looks like a going concern: Labour’s problem is that it doesn’t seem to know enough to make the arguments needed to preserve itself, any more than it has been able to defend European democracy, or … Read more

Corbyn is not Labour’s real headache, Labour is…

Just putting this here… In general, the paradox is that the political argument for [Scottish] independence is perhaps even stronger than it was a year ago but the economic argument, a weakness even in 2014, is incontrovertibly weaker than it was 12 months ago. No-one is much thinking about that right now but at some point some nationalists are going to have devote some thought to these matters. At some point the Labour party is going to have to come to … Read more

Corbyn has a long way to go before he can spend any political capital on dealing with his NI rebels

Interesting piece from Siobhan Fenton in the News Statesman looking at the decision of the local UK Labour Party in principle to stand for elections in Northern Ireland… Siobhan calls it a ‘crisis’ which it might be if anyone in the broader Labour party takes notice… The Northern Irish branch are currently inviting local people to come forward as potential candidates and describe themselves as “snowed under” with interest. Labour’s neglect of and disinterest in Northern Irish members for decades … Read more

Saturday Labour roundup: Corbyn, Syria, and potential mutiny

On Monday, I said that this would be Jeremy Corbyn’s worst week ever, and it has been, and next week will be worse again. That’s the pattern. It was a week defined by Chairman Mao’s little red book, Livingstone blaming Blair for the 7/7 terror attacks, McDonnell’s endorsement of the IRA’s “ballot, the bullet and the bomb” approach to Irish unification, Syria, a looming by-election, and, no surprise, internecine strife. As the week ended, it was clear, that as it … Read more

Jeremy Corbyn and the obsession with the history of Marxist revolutions.

Apparently there was a pitched battle for the Chair of the Portsmouth Constituency Labour Party last night… Deep deep joy! – third ballot a tie. Arguments over whether a second coin toss should take place. Demands for a city wide ballot… — Cllr John Ferrett (@John_Ferrett) November 19, 2015 A pitched battle between New Labour and New Old Labour by all reliable accounts. Probably de riguer in the party by now if Damian McBride’s analysis is anything to go by… … Read more

Corbyn’s dire polling figures give Tories (and the SNP) huge political latitude

Yesterday there were five council by-elections in which both Tories and Labour stood. The overall swing to Conservatives was estimated at 3.8%. Hardly definitive judgement on Corbyn’s leadership, but at a time when the Tories are running a horse and cart through the benefit system hardly grounds for optimism either.

Read moreCorbyn’s dire polling figures give Tories (and the SNP) huge political latitude

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Corbyn appeal struggling to get beyond Labour activists…

Briefly, the Corbyn wagon seems to be flagging… Corrected chart showing Corbyn's opening Ipsos MORI ratings compared with other LAB leaders. pic.twitter.com/KE12uwqWAx — Mike Smithson (@MSmithsonPB) September 24, 2015 Hmmmm, my argument this morning is that his personal footprint as a local Islington MP is not translating very well to Labour’s wider base, not least some of the very personal policy obsessions he’s collected over the last thirty years… Mick FealtyMick is founding editor of Slugger. He has written papers … Read more

Labour’s choice of its enemies

LABOUR IN SEARCH OF A SOUL: Labour has a lack of clarity about its own morality and its own purpose. It needs to become a united fighting force again. At this moment, it’s hard to imagine it trying to solve these problems any time soon.