Corbyn is not Labour’s real headache, Labour is…

Just putting this here

In general, the paradox is that the political argument for [Scottish] independence is perhaps even stronger than it was a year ago but the economic argument, a weakness even in 2014, is incontrovertibly weaker than it was 12 months ago. No-one is much thinking about that right now but at some point some nationalists are going to have devote some thought to these matters.

At some point the Labour party is going to have to come to terms with its own failures too. Choosing Jeremy Corbyn to succeed Ed Miliband was a way of denying those problems, not confronting them.

Complaining that he doesn’t receive a sufficiently fair hearing in the press is like Donald Trump whining that too few people recognise the seriousness of his inimitable genius. It kinda misses the point.

This is Alex Massie doing what he often does best, ie pointing out the bleedin obvious.

By these lights Corbyn is not their problem. Indeed he may be little more than another round of addictive painkiller the party has been taken only to find that it wakes up with the very thumping headache it’s been trying to avoid since (at least) 2010.

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