Corbyn appeal struggling to get beyond Labour activists…

Briefly, the Corbyn wagon seems to be flagging…

Hmmmm, my argument this morning is that his personal footprint as a local Islington MP is not translating very well to Labour’s wider base, not least some of the very personal policy obsessions he’s collected over the last thirty years…

  • the only way is up. or out.

  • the rich get richer

    Lets wait and see for at least a dignified amount of time.

    I thought Polls(Opinion) took one of a hell of a beating at the election.

  • Zeno

    They do get it wrong occasionally but over 99% of them are right,

  • Sharpie

    Given the onslaught he took from the mainstream everything, he has done well to last a fortnight. Why the fascination and pressure to prove he is God within a few days?

  • gendjinn

    “54% agree that Corbyn is ‘more honest than most politicians’ whilst perhaps more importantly some 31% say that they ‘don’t know’ whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied with him. In contrast, just 7% say the same about David Cameron who has a net satisfaction rating of minus 10. ”

    Talk about burying the lede.

  • Thomas Girvan

    He has appointed a vegan Shadow Agriculture spokesman.
    That should go down well with the farmers.
    Who will be the first to go, Jeremy or Brendan Rodgers?

  • Cosmo

    His main bloomer was not enlisting slick media handlers…. I believe he does have to pay attention to mainstream media via some savvy advisors. He may just be too arrogant to do it.
    I was personally disappointed by 1st question time, as you think he would have been simmering on some skewering questions, all through the summer. But maybe he is going to use some kind of Judo technique, on Cameron’s slickness.

  • chrisjones2

    An honest loon?

  • Ernekid

    Give him time when people realise that Osborne has sold off the UK essential infrastructure to the Chinese, the property bubble pops again sending the city into another free fall and the Tories tear themselves apart over Europe people will listen to Corbyn.

  • 23×7

    Do farmers not grow anything anymore?

  • 23×7

    Disagree. The reason for his popularity is his lack of spin and triangulation. He needs to stick with this approach.

  • 23×7

    Indeed. The next election is 5 years away. Plenty of time for the tories to make a pigs ear of things.

  • Cosmo

    I appreciate his ‘sincerity’ factor. What I mean is for him to have media savvy advisors who can anticipate issues for him, so he isn’t ‘caught’ making decisions too much on the hoof. That in itself must be very stressful for him, he isn’t the youngest man, so having some people around him to anticipate things (not dictate policy a la Blair’s crowd) will make his working day more enjoyable.

  • 23×7

    I think that will happen now the excitement and media frenzy of the first week has died down.

  • Barney

    “some of the very personal policy obsessions he’s collected over the last thirty years”

    That man is clearly a danger with his strange belief in equality and opposition to the media friendly and supine Blair/Cameron invasion and destruction policies. Weird notions like taking ownership of national infrastructure in the national interest clearly paint this man as an internal security threat.

  • barnshee

    Its not the ear they use

  • Barneyt

    Obsession? or Commitment.

    The labour party has been bought and sold and are now a slave to centre politics and the sole need for power. Yes indeed you need to win over the electorate to enable yourself to affect change, but at what point is it acceptable to think in a particular way and consistently behave as you think? It seems never. Principles and a degree of humanity has lapsed.

    We want Jeremy to be a hypocrite. We want him to take a particular view as an MP and then change his views entirely as leader. He will not become prime minister as the journey he has to travel to completely debase himself to meet the demand is a journey too far for him. And so it should be in a right and proper world where people are true to themselves and their beliefs. This way, we no who we are and why each other is. This of course will be met with derision and accusations of being out of touch and stubborn…or obsessed!!!

    Labour as a party must recognise this mandate. They will argue against this, but that reflects the gorge that exists not only between the MPs and activists, but the MP and any sense of conscionable integrity.

    He was asked today, would he press the button….the nuclear button…assuming one exists. He said, as expected, “No”. The shadow defence secretary more or less said that he should have responded differently, and she is not a kick in the arse away from saying, it would have helped better had he lied or prevaricated.

    The question should be, “under what circumstances would the UK be impelled to press the button?”. Do they have a pre-emptive strike policy? JC (not Jesus Christ…but I see your thinking…) has to answer “No” to this. If the questions was, “Six warheads are on their way, we can’t intercept them, they will obliterate all from Aberdeen to the Solent….would you press the button?”. I answer would still be “No”…as the deterrent will have clearly failed and at this stage it is a case of an Eye for and Eye and proliferation beyond imagination. Conscience…a logical conscience will inform Jeremy in this matter……..but alas, that is unacceptable.