Is Corbyn “pulling an Enda” in retreating from that live Marr interview…

Interesting observation from Roy Greenslade

But it is the fact that he appeared to turn his back on BBC’s current affairs programmes that has raised most eyebrows. Suggestions that it was a case of pique because of last Monday’s Panorama, which his supporters regarded as a hatchet job, were wide of the mark.

My understanding is that he did not feel it to be necessary and was worried about a possible conflict with a constituency event. Some of his team, however, believed it was a mistake not to do Marr because of its agenda-setting potential.

Could his silence then be considered as an instance of a pre-planned decision to keep schtum? In other words, is it part of his media strategy?

No says Greenslade, he’s just not got a media plan. Well it’s early days, but colour me sceptical on that one Roy. This has the hallmark of an Enda Kenny like retreat from contact with the press.

Why? Because much as he is loved by his own supporters, Jeremy doesn’t do very well with hostile cross examinations.

If his retreat into constituency business (for Mayo read Islington North) wasn’t planned as Roy suggests it would be very out of character with his well organised, resourced and highly orchestrated campaign.


  • Redstar

    Well despite me being an Irish Republican I am going to be very British in my opinion of JC- I think he’s “a good egg” also think once settled in he will come across well with interviews as his message is not only radical but new/ newsworthy

  • Tarlas

    On a recent blog i noted that the last time in modern British politics, that someone from the margins of a political party secured such a victory margin. It was Margaret Thatcher.
    I am not a lefty but I think as the reality of the costs of a 4 yr degree (£9000 tution fees, £6500 rent, app £5000 living cost per annum app) leaving students with an £82000.00 loan with interest that is based on Bank rate not BOE base rate. (Student loans company states that this will not affect graduates applying for a mortgage as it doesn’t show up in credit checks. But it has to impinge on their ability to repay) ; a disillusioned social sea change could occur in British politics. QE , bank bail outs etc seems to have mainly benefitted the Home counties, stock market etc. If JC and Andy Burnham manage public sentiment, properly, it could be interesting.

  • Dan

    I quite like his refusal to jump to the demands of the media.

    (Don’t mistake that for respect for his previously uttered opinions)

  • kalista63

    What did he do instead? Turns out that he was at an event for mental health. Jeremy gave an interview to C4’s Jon Snow, so we can say that he’s not avoiding the media but he has the measure of Marr, Andrew Neil, Robinson et al and is under no obligation to, as Dan said, the media.

    I’m sure he recalls the whole Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich craic and the great effort the BBC puts in to promoting UKIP (they’re not racists, they just say racist things). In a multi media age, with people communicating freely across the country, across the world, BBC news is exposed for bias and neglect in its reporting and online media are becoming the trusted sources.

  • Robin Keogh

    We need more politicians who have the balls to refuse to engage with media individuals who are more interested in scoring goals and manufacturing sensational nonsense in order to seccure a nice bonus from their bosses. Keep it up Andy.

  • Sergiogiorgio

    Kal – to continue your breakfast theme, one of the many Labour non Corbynites was heard to say, “we served the electorate egg and chips at the election and they didn’t like it. Now we just put double egg and chips on the menu”.

  • chrisjones2

    Jeremy doesn’t seem to do well with ANY questions and resorts to bluster and bullying.

    The media will gradually eviscerate him

  • chrisjones2

    Yes ….. only answer the questions we WANT asked …who do Journalists think they are asking such impertinent questions. It almost makes you want to wreck their presses at gunpoint

  • chrisjones2

    Are you saying that all UKIP members are racists then?

    “online media are becoming the trusted sources.” — wow that really does show up your judgement

  • chrisjones2

    Yep…twice as expensive and leading to an earlier death

  • kalista63

    Shows up the BBC’s judgement too, they’re constantly playing catch up with online media such as Exaro, Huffington Post and locally, The Detail, sometimes using them as a source. There;s also semi online ‘papers’ such as Haaretz, an Israeli news media that’s less of a pro Israel propaganda machine than the BBC.

  • dodrade99

    He did do an interview with Marr during the leadership campaign so I doubt it was a deliberate snub.

  • 23×7

    Why should Corbyn play the media game when he’s trying to change the rules.

  • 23×7

    Indeed. Even this evening radio 5 had a lengthy discussion and explanation of people’s QE. Already we seem to be having discussions about alternatives to austerity.

  • 23×7

    Indeed. Labour needs to focus on young people over the next 5 years and give more of them a reason to vote. This 82k noose around the necks of young people will have another impact. It will make them more reluctant and less able to start their own business.

  • 23×7

    Not all but the majority certainly are.

  • 23×7

    It amazes me that political parties remain in thrall to the Murdoch empire. Increasingly we are getting our news and opinion from alternative sources such as this one. If I was Corbyn I wouldn’t touch any of the right wing media or pundits with a barge pole.

  • Rory Carr

    That quote was in reference to the broad programme pushed by the candidates other than Corbyn and was intended to show why Corbyn was so far ahead of the others.

  • Reader

    Do you expect Gerry and Marty to “have the balls to refuse to engage with” the media; or will they continue to prefer their way to your way?

  • Reader

    Well, there’s a general election in 4 years. In that time, he needs to move the party manifesto to the left, survive 4 party conferences, then move the electorate sufficiently far to the left to accept his manifesto and *then* pick up 2 million more votes.
    Twitter won’t do it. He needs to talk on TV.

  • Sergiogiorgio

    Source? It was framed entirely differently on the venerable Radio 4.