Is Corbyn “pulling an Enda” in retreating from that live Marr interview…

Interesting observation from Roy Greenslade

But it is the fact that he appeared to turn his back on BBC’s current affairs programmes that has raised most eyebrows. Suggestions that it was a case of pique because of last Monday’s Panorama, which his supporters regarded as a hatchet job, were wide of the mark.

My understanding is that he did not feel it to be necessary and was worried about a possible conflict with a constituency event. Some of his team, however, believed it was a mistake not to do Marr because of its agenda-setting potential.

Could his silence then be considered as an instance of a pre-planned decision to keep schtum? In other words, is it part of his media strategy?

No says Greenslade, he’s just not got a media plan. Well it’s early days, but colour me sceptical on that one Roy. This has the hallmark of an Enda Kenny like retreat from contact with the press.

Why? Because much as he is loved by his own supporters, Jeremy doesn’t do very well with hostile cross examinations.

If his retreat into constituency business (for Mayo read Islington North) wasn’t planned as Roy suggests it would be very out of character with his well organised, resourced and highly orchestrated campaign.