The new season of The Irish Passport podcast is here

The second season of The Irish Passport podcast has arrived. If you haven’t heard the podcast yet, it’s a ‘passport’ to Irish culture, history and politics. It gives the low-down on the unfinished history that explains today’s news. I’m a journalist, and the show combines my reporting on current affairs with the historical insight of my co-host Tim Mc Inerney, who is a lecturer in British and Irish cultural history. We launched the podcast out of a sense of urgency … Read more

Should all Irish citizens around the world be given a vote in presidential elections?

Ireland is set to have a referendum on whether to allow all Irish citizens resident outside the state to vote in presidential elections. This has provoked a debate, with some fearing this could lead to a distant diaspora imposing a terrible unwanted president on residents of the country. Here’s why that is not going to happen Isn’t this a radical proposal? No. Currently, Ireland is radical in the other direction. Its lack of any provision for overseas voting is internationally … Read more