Shock and awe. We react to the repeal of the 8th Amendment.

It took 24 hours for the result to really sink in. A landslide yes to end Ireland’s near-total abortion ban. It was so unexpected, the reaction of many was shock.

“We’re just blown away by the landslide,” one woman told The Irish Passport podcast as she absorbed the result in Dublin Castle. “It’s like living in a new Ireland.”

“I’m kind of astounded,” said an older man who voted No. “I thought it would be tighter.”

Myself and Tim McInerney of The Irish Passport podcast decided to record our first conversation digesting the results. It’s our raw reaction to the history we witnessed. We ask what the result tells us about Ireland, where we were when we heard it, and whether ‘the North is next’.

You can listen now in the latest episode of The Irish Passport podcast.