Why protesters are taking over Dublin

Today is a day of action in Dublin, as protesters gather outside government buildings to demand action to a grinding housing crisis.

Homelessness has hit record levels, and rents have hit such heights that even well-paid people are struggling to meet them. House prices have surpassed their Celtic Tiger levels, putting home ownership out of reach for even many in the middle class.

How did the crisis reach this point? The new episode of The Irish Passport podcast explores the deep roots of Irish attitudes to property, starting with the incident that introduced the word “boycott” to the English language.

We hear from experts that trace how Ireland went from boom to bust and back again, and has found itself with a chronic shortage of house production.

Frustration is now at boiling point, and we hear from the housing activists who are responding by seizing vacant properties in Dublin city centre to demand the government purchase them to turn into social housing.

You can hear the episode online here.

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