Christmas Day Open Chat…

And so this is Christmas. As I type this Belfast is engulfed in a grey wet gloom. I suppose it matches the general mood. For a second year running Covid is the unwelcome visitor at Christmas.

I know some of you might be on your own, or in isolation with Covid. Or maybe you are working or need a break from the family. I have created this post as an open thread to discuss whatever you like.

I do in the spirit of the famous 1914 Christmas Truce of WW1. So I ask that you avoid our usual divisive subjects, I want to give the mods a well-earned rest.

You can chat about what you are up to today, memories of Christmas past, what books you are reading, or TV shows you are enjoying. Whatever you like.

On behalf of all the Slugger team, I wish you a Happy and safe Christmas. Let’s hope 2022 will be better for everyone.

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